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CBD basically gives you all the benefits of Marijuana without getting high. They have a great topical pain relief cream to reduce inflammation and swelling. The other product we love is the A.M. Capsules. It’s got caffeine and CBD. Perfect combo to get in the zone and get work done. Without it you wouldn’t be reading this paragraph.

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  • Beach Body On Demand

Fitness classes. Everything you need to get in shape, on your own schedule, from the comfort of your own home. Luis + Dave are big fans of Insanity.

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Extremely durable and eco friendly back packs that have hidden compartments and smell proof tech for those traveling with herb.

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  • BlueChew

It’s the same stuff as Viagra and Cialis available online without having to see a doctor. The stuff works to improve the thing that’s most more important in life and no I’m not talking about your family. This stuffs for your dick. Blue Chew makes it big and hard.

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  • Blue Apron

Everything you need to make home cooked meals that are delicious, healthy and just $10 a meal.

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  • HeshiWear

Your feat will thank us. High quality socks. Like pillows for you feet. With high quality cotton that will absorb your sweat and keep your feet smelling fresh.

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9.) Blue E Ciggs

Big Vapor Production. Recharges in 20 minutes. Sleep and slim design.

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