Wednesdays 10:30PM ET / 7:30PM PT

Comedy Fight Club

Hosted by:
Matt Maran

Comedy Fight Club is a weekly roast battle show that takes place every Tuesday Night at 9:30PM at The Stand Comedy Club in NYC. Nothing is off limits. Every line will be crossed. The show is not for the feint of heart, but it is for anyone who wants to have fun and laugh at the most awful and sometimes strange things you may ever see!

Audience applause determines the winner of each battle and the most important rule of Comedy Fight Club is No F**king Pity Claps!

There can only be one winner!

We have a panel of officials that run the show. These officials include the Commissioner, Matt Maran, The Social Media Hipster, Nikola Pavlovic, The Spirit Animal, Justin Lanza, The Women’s Studies Major, Sally Ann Hall, The Orphan of Comedy Fight Club, Mia Faith Hammond, and The Bishop, Andrew Casertano.

Comedy Fight Club has been running for almost three years now. People who have started roasting at Comedy Fight Club regularly perform on Roast Battle at New York Comedy Club and Roastmasters at The Stand. Even some performers from Comedy Central’s Roast Battle have come down and sparred in the CFC Arena

This is the dojo for the next generation of great roast comedians. Every Sunday 9:30PM at Lucky Jacks. Don’t miss out!

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