Frequently Asked Questions

The price for the entire network is $10.50, and every show offers a unique discount code that will both get you a one-week free trial, and 15% off the entire network.

First off, you’d be supporting a show (or shows) that you love, and that warm and fuzzy feeling should be enough.  But – if the warm and fuzzies don’t do it for ya – how about this?

  • Listen/Watch commercial free.
  • Access all the ON DEMAND CONTENT AUDIO/VIDEO (Thousands of hours).
  • Access to BONUS content.
  • Listen/Watch before the podcast is released to iTunes/Google Play etc.
  • Access to the Forums.
  • Full time access to that happy feeling you get when you support something you love!

Most shows – have a 5-day delay before the free podcast is released.  Some, more topical shows – are released 2 days later.

Please make sure you are logged into GaS Digital or via our Private RSS Feed.  If you are listening to the free podcast page anywhere – you will hear commercials (if you only see 15 episodes on the podcast page, you are listening to the free version of the show).

These are no longer being offered – it was part of a launch promotion, and those that got it – are grandfathered in for as long as they keep their accounts active.

At this point – we no longer have that ability on the site.  So please make sure you keep your payments up-to-date if you want to keep your single channel subscriptions.

Sadly, we can no longer support iOS or Android Apps.  If at some point we begin developing them again, we will provide public information about them and any release date.

Update for NEW SITE


If you are not having trouble logging in to the new website, you should be able to find the Download Audio button on any Show Episode Page. Currently, the download format is .M4A, but this will soon become .MP3. If you still get an error message, please contact us at and we will make sure your concern is relayed to the right people. Thanks for your patience as we rebuild and upgrade the entire GaS Digital platform.


Yes, you can individually download any audio file, on that episode’s audio page, or you can use the private RSS feed in any podcast app that allows for password feeds (Apple Podcasts, Podcast Addict, Beyond Pod are some great examples!)  iOS is strange with downloading files, but you can use iOS downloader to fix that problem. Note that you don’t embed the username and password in the URL anymore, you just add the feed directly and it will prompt you for the username and password.

Update for NEW SITE


The primary difference you will find with the RSS Feeds on the new site is the structure of the RSS URL. It looks like this one for BYM:[]=63628b9591c44b6c6c023eca

In most Podcast Apps, including Apple, you should be able to use these RSS Feed URLs by entering them along with your Username/Email and Password.

Please note that having usernames, emails, or passwords with special characters embedded in them will often fail in the Podcast App, so please be sure you remove them, except for characters such as At Sign (@) or dot (.) in your email address.

Also, just in, if everything else is correct, please try this: the email address has to be capitalized or uncapitalized to match whatever you have on file.

If you’re still having trouble, please contact support at .


All shows have both the free newest 15 eps feed as well as the password protected feed.   The free feed, you can just click subscribe on whichever app you are using to listen to the show on, but if you are a member, and are looking to access all the archives you need to use the password protected feed.  Most podcast apps do this by having you put in the RSS feed, and then you will be prompted to add your username and PW.  Apple has a stranger way of doing it – that will hopefully be resolved soon, but you need to add your username and pw in the actual RSS feed like so ““.

And here’s our best Tips for solving issues:

1. Podcast Apps that seem to always work best on your Phone, and have a good User Interface

  • iOS – iPhone – Overcast – – HyperCatcher –
  • Android – Podcast Addict –

2. User Credentials

  • User your username (not email) and password. Your user name will appear in the top left of GaS Digital Website, and also at the top of the right-hand paragraph in the Settings page when on “Dashboard”
  • Remove all special characters from your password. If you need to do this, once logged in, click Account Details on the left, then do the Password Change. Once it contains only letters and numbers everything works.

3. Get the Show RSS Feed URL – login, go to the Show you want to Subscribe to, and find the “RSS Audio Feed Link for High Octane Subscribers” box (white background on the middle of the page). Copy that URL into your App, then enter your username and password and save. The URL will look like this, with the number at the end changing based on the show.

Other potential issues not related to GaS, your Phone, or your App:

1. Slow Internet connection, can cause timeouts
2. Limited bandwidth (data transfer)

For the above issues, best option is to contact your Phone company or Internet Service Provider.

Note, if you experience an unusual issue and find a way to solve it, please send your fix in an email or submit a ticket – we want to hear about it, and will share it with everyone.

First off – please verify that you have access to the entire network, as the RSS feed is only available to HIGH OCTANE (full) Subscribers.   If you do have a full sub, please try deleting and re-entering your information, and if that still doesn’t work, please open a ticket here

Video download will be available on the APP when it launches, but as of now – there is no way to download the video.

Your username is set in stone, you can however cancel your subscription and then re-subscribe with a new username.

Yes!  Yearly subscriptions are available.  Simply select YEARLY instead of monthly when subscribing.

We will be re-introducing these soon.  But as of now – you cannot.  Hopefully for the holidays we will start offering that again.

If you are one of the first group of people who subscribed to a single channel subscription – you may upgrade to full at any time.  Simply login to GDN, then under MY ACCOUNT select to upgrade your account.  If you paid through paypal – you will then be taken to the paypal page where you’ll be promted to login with your paypal information to upgrade your account.

Well, first we are sorry to see you go – and of course you can (but why would you).  Simply go under MY ACCOUNT and select to cancel subscription.   Please note that if you’ve paid via PayPal, you must also cancel recurring payment via PayPal website – as we do not control PayPal’s methods.

If you’re hurting lately, GaS wants to help.
Rather than cancelling or disputing a payment, let us know and we’ll find a way to help.
We believe helping those who support us is the right thing to do

If you are switching from PayPal to a regular CC, the only way to do that is to cancel your subscription.  If you are just updating your existing CC information – you can do that under the MY ACCOUNT page.

Mistakes happen.  Please open a ticket here – and we will get to the bottom of this!

As of right now we aren’t looking for any new shows.  If and when we do – we will post across our social media platforms (everywhere @GaSDigital).

We are constantly making updates to improve service.  These days with PC, Mac, iPhones, Androids, Tablets, ChromeCast, etc – it can often cause player malfunctions. First – we ask that you please troubleshoot a bit on your own.

  • Clear your browser cache, and restart
  • try a different browser, or a different device to see if the problem isn’t just on that system.
  • Log Out of our website and login again.
  • On PC’s EDGE seems to work best

If the problem persists, please open a ticket here with the device, os, browser you are using, and we will do our best to get you up and running.

Please see the above steps, and try them as well.  We are working on having the player be universal, but with so many operating systems, it certainly is no easy task.

Just click the little button on the bottom of the chat box near your name and select SOUND OFF

Every show’s page has a BONUS CONTENT section as a tab to the right of the SHOW PAGE

Generally, within a few hours at most, but sometimes due to factors beyond our control it could take as much as 24 hours. We do our best to have the show up as quickly as possible.

CLICK SHOWS, then SCHEDULE.   Plus, you can always see what show is coming up next on the right side of the main page.

Yes, ask Alexa to ADD GaS DIGITAL SKILL and you can then find out what shows are up next, learn more about shows, and play the last episode of any show on GaS.

You can unsubscribe – and then re-subscribe with the code. Once you do so, open a ticket here and explain what happened, and they will refund the initial payment.

Please open a ticket here with your order # and we will look into as soon as possible.

GaS Digitial Studios
151 1st Ave #311
New York, NY 10003

Special Show Questions

Once you have full membership – email and you will be added within a day or so.

It’s every Monday night at The Stand Comedy Club in NYC.  No need for tickets.

That playlist can be accessed here.

On every show page is the twitter handles of each host, you can follow them – and reach out to them there.

We certainly try our best to answer all emails within 24 hours.  If you have a question that is not answered in this FAQ.  Please email  or open a support ticket here