Dear GaS Subscribers,

We are writing today to inform you that as of Monday 11/4/2019 our apps for Android and iPhone will be down until further notice. 

Despite our best efforts, the beta testing of the apps didn't go as planned, and we have decided to shut down the apps for the time being, so that we can shift our focus towards maintaining and upgrading our website, and our incredible stable of talent.  

The best way to access our content - whether you’re on desktop or mobile - is through the GaS Digital website, but you can also choose to use a podcast aggregation app such as Podcast Addict for Android or Overcast for iOS. Our private RSS feeds will work on newer devices running the latest versions of their respective operating systems, and with most podcast apps that allow dynamic private RSS feeds. 

We realize this may not be the most convenient way to access our content, but it is the best way for now. 

On the positive side, recently, we have upgraded our servers and added the Chromecast feature so many of you requested, as well as the website now remembers where you’ve left off in audio or video, and it’s far easier to scrub thru video timelines. 

We’ve also added three new shows last quarter and have 4 more slated for development in early 2020. Plus, we now have a dedicated customer support staff member to address member needs in a far more efficient turnaround time.

Our shows have never been more popular, and we want to say a very big thanks to every one of our long-time subscribers who have stood by us as we've worked day and night through these issues. Your support makes us great, and it’s what gives us the confidence to take chances and continue to grow.  

Luis and Ralph