Oct 2 2017

Topping off the tank for the week of 9/24-9/30

by MikeH

A recap of everything GaS from the week of 9/24



Luis J Gomez kicked off Monday right with another excellent episode while he was on a plane, thanks to the magic of prerecording! Zac was busy at New Jersey horror-con but he brought out a stellar lineup of guests with Abby Rosenquist joining mainstays Tim Dillon and Ian Fidance. The quartet talked about their dependence on modern technology as it pertains to navigation, before guessing the news about the NFL protest over the previous weekend and playing a fun game of “Does it live”? And best of all if you were watching live in the chat during the episode you got to shoot the breeze with the Puerto Rican Rattlesnake and Shannon during the show!


Michael Bisping and Luis J. Gomez were back on the air on Monday and man, did they have a ton to cover. From the awesome cards put forth by Bellator and the UFC to Bisping’s possible future scrap with Daniel Cormier to Luis letting baby James take pointers in violence from another man. It was a fun episode as it always is when The Howard Stern of MMA radio sits down with the Middleweight Champion of the World.


Hot off the heels of one of their craziest shows ever, hosts Ralph Sutton and Big Jay Oakerson were live in studio again, this time with porn star Mary Jean and comedian Justin Silver. The group talked Jays harrowing tales of Citi biking through NYC, Mary Jeans obsession with Dan Soder and Ralph tried to pitch the group on a brunch bike ride to much disdain.



Jamey Jasta was back on Tuesday with another episode form Warped Tour. This time he sat down to chat with Chad Ginsburg from CKY. The pair talked about Chad’s experience opening for Guns and Roses, why Chad loves GG Allen and of course input and questions from the fans who came to check out the show.


Tim Dillon sat down with co-host Ray Kump on Tuesday to talk about a whole mess of topics. The pair covered everything from heroin and other opioid addictions, how Ray escaped the trappings of addiction and how ones family can shape your world view on drugs. Of course it wouldn’t be an episode of TIGTH without touching on the most important trending topics, such as the NFL kneeling protest.


Roastmasters was awesome on Tuesday night. Luis J Gomez was in LA with the rest of the skanks so Zac Amico was up to host for the second week in a row. The judges table was absolutely stacked with Rich Vos, Yamaneika Saunders, Eli Sairs, Monroe Martin, and Sherrod Small. They presided over some killer undercard battles including Ian Stuart vs Colby Bradshaw, Matthew Maran vs Freddy G and Davidson Boswell vs Maddy Smith. All before an all ladies main event with Keren Margolis up against her good friend Abby Rosenquist.



Hosts Ricky Bones and Matty Jesterskulls had the distinct honor of being the first show to broadcast live on the new GaS Digital App for IOS! You can check that out here.  https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/gdn/id1282264930?mt=8&ign-mpt=uo%3D4 On this episode the hosts cover a fair bit of MMA including the UFC’s trip to Japan and Gohkan Saki’s debut, and the Andrade vs Gadelha campaign for FOTY plus Bellator’s headline stealing weekend. But the real story of this episode was all the nonsense, including GSP’s fascination with UFO’s, Matty’s probable CTE and they cover the best male criers in the history of cinema.


Hosts Myka Fox and Kerryn Feehan were back in studio on Wednesday, this time with the hysterical Petey Deabreu using him to shame Mama’s Boys. Petey did his best to break down why living with mom is the best, the dangers of 69ing and Kerryn and Myka give Petey a rude awakening about his sexual prowess.


Hosts Luis J Gomez, Dave Smith and Big Jay Oakerson were in LA this week, but fear not, the boys planned ahead and pre taped an episode with the Irish Goodbye boys Mike Cannon and Mike Feeney. It was a packed house live from GaS Digital HQ as the gang went into a litany of topics from tales of getting their drivers licenses, arguments over which superstore would be the best to be trapped in, and finally, the crew does a deep dive on the Death Wish Coffee nitro cold brew recall.



Bruce Buffer was back on the air on Thursday with co-host TJ Desantis to talk about all the issues socially and politically effecting our lives. The pair talked everything from the environmental issues, to the brewing conflict with North Korea to thoughts on Donald Trump’s presidency in general. In a week that didn’t feature any UFC to preview, Bruce and TJ brought it, touching on the topics on everyones mind, with this own unique perspectives.


Hosts Mike Feeney and Mike Cannon were joined by the alway hilarious Liza Treyger on Thursday. The trio covered a whole host of stories, Liza told a story about shutting down a heckler, Cannon told a great story about his time on shrooms at a Paul Mccartney concert. Not to be out done Feeney went in on a crazy story about flipping out on a meter maid in Queens.


Chris Stanley, Chris from Brooklyn and Bronx Johnny were in full effect on Thursday. They started off the episode talking about Stanleys absolutely masterful NFL picks thus far this season. They of course touched on the NFL protest, before commemorating the life of Hugh Hefner in a very HSR manner. Finally the gang tries to use the prison system to find Johnny a mate.



Host Jamey Jasta was back on the air on Friday with an absolute banger of an episode featuring the legendary Dee Snider. The Hatebreed and Twisted Sister frontmen covered a litany of topics, everything from the amount of hustle needed to succeed, the importance of family and escaping the trappings of a 9-5 job. Make sure you check out this very special episode with two of the bests who ever did it.



Dave Smith was back at it, this time from the road on Friday. Dave started off the episode talking about his recent experience on The Joe Rogan Experience. Dave then touches on the NFL kneeling protest and the horrors of the United States military industrial complex.



Yeah, you read that right, Real Ass was on Saturday this week for a very fun makeup episode. Hosts Luis J Gomez and Zac Amico were back together again and the pair welcomed in comedian Gary Vider and GaS co-owner Ralph Sutton. The four of them covered Luis unfortunate run in with a UFC legend, the birth of Asstober and Gary told a story about the time he saw Shaq’s penis.