Sep 25 2017

Topping off the tank for the week of 9/17-9/23

by MikeH


A recap of everything GaS from the week of 9/17




What a way to start off the week! Hosts Luis J Gomez and Zac Amico were joined by Nick Mullen, Tim Dillon and Ray Kump. Having all five in studio obviously made this a can’t miss episode where the group talked about a bevy of topics including Ray’s experience in summer camp, politics at the Emmy’s and tales of looking for strange on the high seas.


On Monday, host Michael Bisping was just 7 weeks out from the biggest fight of his career against GSP at MSG but he still had time to sit down and talk with co-host Luis J Gomez. The two chatted about Bisping’s talk of this possibly being his last fight, Luke Rockhold’s post night interview that uncharacteristically praised the British champion and of course the judging catastrophe of Ward vs GGG.


This. Episode. Was. Wild. Hosts Ralph Sutton and Big Jay Oakerson were joined by Rude Jude and Michael Che to act as celebrity judges for the first ever “Hoe Down Showdown”. After a brief intro where Ralph explained that the WWE put out a cease and desist to the original name of the competition Ralph invited the girls in and broke down the rules of the contest. What followed was an hour plus of absolute madness, Words won’t do it justice so I’ll just say check out the episode. And if you’re an audio listener, I recommend using the promo code SDR and signing up for a two week free trial to check out this insanity in its entirety.



Jamey Jasta was back on the air Tuesday with another episode in the can from Warped Tour. This time he sat down with Nergal from Behemoth to have a very interesting conversation about repressed sexuality in America, messed up scenes in horror movies and a wild story about the Polish frontman’s brush with the law in Russia.


On a very special episode Tim Dillon and co-host Ray Kump welcomed in Nick Bryant, author of the book “The Franklin Scandal”. The trio had a very interesting conversation about how Nick got into the subject before getting into the meat of it, they covered everything from mind control, ritual abuse, the CIA’s influence on our daily life, plus a very spirited discussion about the term “conspiracy theory”. Simply put, if you’re a fan of TDIGH you will love this episode.


The Roastmasters was crazy on Tuesday night, with Zac Amico filling in for standard host Luis J Gomez, because the Puerto Rican Rattlesnake was on the top of the card against “Guys we fucked” host, Krystyna Hutchinson. The judges table was stacked as well with SNL’s Michael Che, Tuesdays with Stories Mark Normand, and The Bonfire’s Dan Soder joining house judge Big Jay Oakerson and unified champion Eli Sairs. Add to that an excellent co-main showdown between Jacob Williams and Emily Winter, and a slew of excellent undercard battles and it equals another great night of battling at The Stand NYC.



Luis J Gomez and Zac Amico got back into it on Wednesday with another hilarious episode featuring guests Anthony Zenhauser and Caitlin Ruppert and this time it was personal! Luis got into it with Caitlin about peaceful parenting vs physical disciplining before the group tackled the tough issues like is it cool to punch Nazi’s and another round of “Does it live?”


Hosts Ricky Bones and Matty Jesterskulls were joined by special guest, comedian and podcaster Casey James Salengo to talk about everything in the world of combat sports. Casey’s first love is wrestling and he gave the boys a bit of a run down of the current state of the WWE ahead of their massive show over the weekend, and Ricky and Matty broke down Luke Rockhold’s post fight call out of GSP from the UFC’s show in Pittsburgh. And of course with a woman at the center of the controversy in the Andre Ward vs GGG fight, Matty “Miss Ogynist” persona had to take center stage at some point. You don’t want to miss this installment of “the brutally funny MMA podcast.”


Hosts Myka Fox and Kerryn Feehan took on a herculean effort this week, in an attempt to shame Greeks they brought on a man incapable of feeling shame, Stavros Halkias. The duo went in on Stav’s belly button before transitioning into his sex life and infidelities, before of course the Cumtown co-host transitioned the conversation into choke fucking. All in all it was a great episode with three hilarious comedians all on their A game.


It was a game of round robin on Wednesday night from The Creek and the Cave as hosts Big Jay Oakerson, Dave Smith and Luis J Gomez were joined by Sean Patton for the first half of the show and Randy Syphax for the second half with only Brilliant Idiots host, Andrew Schulz, sticking around for the entire show. After giving Dave Smith props for his special Libertas holding strong at #1 on the Itunes comedy charts for well over a week; the group discussed going gay in the big easy, cartoon porn and the revisited some of the most glorious girl fights in the history of the internet.



Bruce Buffer and co-host TJ De Santis sat down to talk out all the goings on that mattered on Thursday. The pair touched on the natural disasters ripping through the country and the world, as well as a touching eulogy for late great boxer Jake LaMotta before lightening up the mood recapping the UFC’s foray to Pittsburgh last weekend as well as previewing the UFC’s trip to Japan on Friday.


The two Mikes of IGP, Cannon and Feeney were in rare form on Thursday, working on roughly 70 straight hours of podcasting they did their best to hold it together. Cannon started off digging into the nervous energy that came with from his recent trip to the dentist. Feeney told a great story about his trip to The Meadows Festival and a tale of cringe worthy second hand embarrassment that Mike Cannon somehow one upped! You’re going to love this episode, almost as much as the new IGP Merch now available through MerchPump.


High Society Radio welcomed in a special guest, the always charming Anthony Devito. Hosts Chris from Brooklyn, Pepper Hicks and Bronx Johnny took the opportunity to chat in the sports guy Devito’s wheel house early, giving out a winning pick for Thursday night football, barely 5 minutes into the show! They’ve always had hilarious content, but Stanley’s picks are making subscribers money now! The boys also cover in a particularly unique High Society way The Canelo-GGG fight, and much, much more!




Jamey Jasta was back at it on Friday with another show recorded on the road, this time with Randy Blythe from Lamb of God from the Blueberry Hill Duck Room in St. Louis. The two outspoken front men talked about a bevy of topics from Bad Brains, to authoring books, and of course a slew of fan questions.


Dave Smith was still caught up in his whirlwind press tour for his debut comedy special Libertas but he still found time to sit down with BK Chris to talk about the most pressing political issues of the day. At the forefront of everyones mind seems to be free speech and how it applies to the protests through out American pro sports and neither of these two were willing to shy away from it. As always Dave brought his well thought out and measured opinion to a hot button issue, using the big picture approach to simplify the problem and look at it from a common sense point of view.