Sep 18 2017

Topping off the tank for the week of 9/10-9/16

by MikeH


A recap of everything GaS from the week of 9/10



Hosts James L. Mattern and Marissa Rivas were back at it this week, recapping season 7 of HBO’s popular fantasy series, Game of Thrones. This was unlike any other episode this season, as they weren’t focusing on any episode in particular but talking the highs and lows of the entire season. The pair primarily focused on the shows diffrences from the books, some of the more absurd traveling abilities of characters on the show and even touched on the coming mobile game. To wrap up the show Marissa invited on superfan and friend of the show Carlos to rapid fire run through predictions for season 8. This was a can’t miss episode for anyone who enjoys a light hearted take on a show about naked people and dragons. Check out this clip from the season finale episode breaking down how awesome Jon Snow is.





Bah Gawd that’s Zac Amico’s music! The sniper was back from his part time hiatus to join host Luis J. Gomez on The Real Ass Podcast on Monday. The reunited duo welcomed in friend of the show Justin Silver and Tracey Carnazzo for an incredible episode where Luis got some on air medical advice for his sore throat, the group looked into the ups and downs of Seeking Arrangement and the perks of dating garbage men.


This week saw a rare in studio apperance from the UFC middleweight champion of the world, Michael Bisping joining his New York co-host Luis J. gomez at GaS Digital HQ. The pair also welcomed in special guest, Bisping’s striking coach, Jason Parillo for an instant classic episode. The trio tried to recap UFC 215 before getting bored and just decided to take turns punching network co-owner Ralph Sutton. They got back on track talking about Bispings upcoming fight with GSP, with both the champ and his coach imploring the Canadien to try and box with him and Luis and Jason bonded over experiences getting hit by women.


Dave Smith, hot off the release of his debut comedy album Libertas was back on the air Monday night with another edition of Part of the Problem. Dave and co-host Robbie Bernstein made sure to mark the date and recapped their experiences with 9/11. Robbie told a funny story about how the greatest terrorist attack ever on American soil conveniently got him out of homework. Dave used the date to show exactly how much we’ve changed as a nation culturally, economically and socially and showed just how much our acceptance of big government post 9/11 was the catalyst. This was a very thought provoking episode you’ll never forget.


Hosts Ralph Sutton and Big Jay Oakerson were joined by another third of the Legion of Skanks, Dave Smith and their guest for the week, profesional “drag king” Freddie Love. After some general house keeping and praise for Dave’s special Libertas the gang got into a classic rendition of Dick Tales. Ralph explained how a recent house guest barged in on an episode of Shame On. Jay and Dave piled on Ralph withhillarious impressions. Finally Freddie Love got to show off her singing chops and schooled the boys on the world of ladies dressing up as dudes and why it angers men who still want to sleep with them.




Host Jamey Jasta was back at it with more interviews and live fan sit ins from this summer’s Warped Tour. His guest this Tuesday was Jesse Barnett of Stick to Your Guns. The two started off the episode talking about the vegan lifestyle, before getting into Jesse and other frontmen filling in for Jamey while he was away with family obligations. Finally Jamey broke the one rule of Rock Fight Club, and told some tales of Rock Fight Club.


Tim Dillon went to Staten Island so there was PLENTY for he and co-host Ray Kump to talk about. Tim and Ray discuss the horrors of public transportation before covering how Staten Island still has that quint charming “run by the mob feel”. The pair then postulate whether or not the mob crackdown lead to the death of mom and pop shops in New York. As always Tim and Ray found a way to touch on the darker side of life with a fresh and hilarious take, you don’t want to miss this one.


Roastmasters was back Tuesday night at The Stand NYC with host Luis J Gomez presiding over the festivities. Joe List joined house judges Big Jay Oakerson and Rich Vos and Luis was able to talk the hilarious Ricky Velez into joining the dais and even Unified champ Eli Sairs stopped by mid battle to join the fun. The packed judges table presided over great battles on the undercard including Raanan Hershberg and Jeff Scheen,  plus two debuts with Oni Perez matched up againt Roddy MacInnes and Sandip Sen took on new comer James Pontillo. All before a great main event with Dave Kinney vs Graham Kay.



The Wednesday edition of Real Ass Podcast has been absolute fire for weeks now and this one was no different as hosts Luis J Gomez and Zac Amico were joined by Unified Roast Champion Eli Sairs and the incomparable Dante Nero. The comedians previewed Luis upcoming battle against Guys We Fucked host Krystyna Hutchinson before going in on endangered animals and the sad tale of Luis’ pet snake.


Hosts Ricky Bones and Matty Jesterskulls had a lot to cover this week with an absolutely jam packed September full of fight cards. The Pair broke down UFC 215, Previewed UFC Fight Night Pittsburgh and talked the #1 Movie in America, IT. The MMA aficionados also talked Jon Jones B sample results, the legacy of Daniel Cormier and Matty’s hatred of his cable provider. If you’re a fan of combat sports this show is a must watch.


Instand classic alert! Hosts Myka Fox and Kerryn Feehan were joined not only by their scheduled guest Remy Kassimir, but also some Eastern European slut Ralph was banging. The ladies did not take it easy on the drunken interloper and it wasn’t long before they had her removed form the show and they could get back to what they came to do, shaming their guest. They tried to give her tips and tricks to actually getting to orgasm in your mid 20’s and they questioned whether or not she was in fact a lesbian before finally settling on a group outing to a freaky NYC sex party.


The Skanks, Big Jay Oakerson, Luis J Gomez and Dave Smith, were joined by not one but two late arriving guests this week as friends of the show Bonnie McFarlane and Dan Soder stopped by. After questioning whether or not Bonnie respected Luis, Luis and Jay sang their praises of their brothers debut comedy special, Libertas. The trio watched some awkward Connan clips and judged the ladies of the Miss America pageant, but when their guests arrived this episode reached legendary status. As promised on last weeks episode the 5 comedians did a deep dive onto Luis’ former bands website, Saltyblackflour. Words don’t do this one justice, but suffice it to say, this episode will be talked about by skanks fans for quite some time.



Thursdays at 4PM means It’s Time for Bruce Buffer and co-host TJ De Santis to talk about all the current events of the day. This week Bruce brought the cameras back and welcomed in model and radio personality Sam Phillips as well as THE go to Erotic photographer in the adult entertainment business, Holly Randall. It was a heavy episode as the news took them down the rabbit hole of the hurricanes tearing apart parts of the nation, as well as a frank discussion about the opioid epidemic gripping the nation. Things lightened a bit towards the end as the gang discussed the movie everyones talking about, IT.


The boys are back! Mike’s Cannon and Feeney returned from the left coast full of tales of thei adventures since last in front of a microphone. Feeney talked about heading upstate to “The Cannon Compound” before Cannon broke down about trying to play cornhole angry before breaking out a secret weapon. They of course touched on Mike Cannon’s debut album and what it was like the day that dropped. Plus IGP just got its own merch!


The High Society gang was whole once again as Bronx Johnny was back from Ecuador to rejoin co-hosts Pepper Hicks and Chris from Brooklyn. The gang celebrated “are you okay day” by perussing Reddit for people who were ready to end it all, before Bronx Johnny pitched the gang on some ideas for their October outing. His ideas were quickly shot down but a winner was settled on, and it sounds like its gonna be a blast.




Jamey Jasta was back at it again on Friday, welcoming in Fronz from Atilla to join him backstage at another stop on warped tour. The Hatebreed frontman had an interesting conversation about the nature of business and hustle in the music game eventually turning into an enlightening talk about bands in rock helping each other out in a “rising tide lifts all boats” mentality. Very fun chat between two of the smartest people working in music right now.



Dave Smith wrapped up another great week at GaS Digital with another excellent episode on Friday. After an absolutely whirlwind week that included moving, his significant other being sick and the release of his debut comedy special Libertas Dave was understandably tired. But that didn’t stop him from covering all the major news from the week from a Libertarians perspective. Dave touched on the resurgence of Rand Paul, the countries infatuation with war and of course a fair bit of talk about Hillary Clinton in the wake of her new book.