Nov 6 2017

Topping off the tank for the week of 10/29-11/4

by MikeH


A recap of everything GaS from the week of 10/29





It was a border war on RAP on Monday with hosts Luis J Gomez and Zac Amico joined by two Canadiens, Graham Kay and Aaron Berg. They discussed the difference between Halloween in the U.S. vs Canada, played guess the news on the Kevin Spacey scandal and discussed the finer points of having an Asian Agent.


Host Michael Bisping had a special treat for fans of the show as he was in studio ahead of his massive fight with GSP at MSG. The champ was joined by his co-host Luis J Gomez as well as his striking coach Jason Parillo and his manager Audie Attar. They talked everything from what its like to cut weight before a fight, what his first meal is going to be after he weighs in, and recent controversy between his opponent as well as Bantam Weight champion Cody Garbandt.



Host Dave Smith was back from the Contra cruise and on a regular schedule and what a stacked show he had Monday. Dave shined a light on everything from the recent indictments grabbing headlines, the insane number of sexual assault/harassment scandals breaking news daily and he tackled CNN’s new “Apple” campaign that’s garnered a ton of attention.



It was a quick show on Monday with hosts Ralph Sutton and Big Jay Oakerson recording mid day thanks to Halloween madness. Ralph started off the show surprising Big Jay with his hilarious costume before the pair welcomed on their guests Mia Valentina, Valentina Mia and Brittany Bendz. They talked about the ladies appearance on Howard Stern and Ralph’s attempt to date with an aspiring Maxim model.



Jamey Jasta was finally back from a long summer of touring all over the place and he got to take advantage of the GaS Digital Studio on Tuesday, this time with Corpsegrinder of Cannibal Corpse. The pair talked about the shocking allegations against the band Decapitated, issues with the NFL and what its going to take to get Hardcore music back into mainstream movies.



On Wednesday host’s Luis J Gomez and Zac Amico were joined by two of the funniest guys in the history of Roastmasters, Scott Chaplin and Eli Sairs. The foursome discussed Jamie Kilstein on Rogan, the nature of power and how people invariably abuse it and when it is and isn’t ok to make fictional characters gay.


The band was still back together with Kris Tinkle once again joining Hosts Ricky Bones and Matty Jesterskulls. The guys had a TON to breakdown, as Walt Harris stood them up so they officially planted their flag as the #1 Mark Godbeer podcast on the internet. In addition they had a stacked card at UFC 217 to breakdown and a heated discussion about the nature of a 10-8 round.


Hosts Myka Fox and Kerryn Feehan were joined by AGOT standout Harrison Greenbaum as the ladies make it their business to shame Magicians. They grilled their guest on why he got into the Magic game, whether he gets more groupies from magic or comedy and finally try to figure out if all magicians are gay.


Hosts Big Jay Oakerson and Luis J Gomez celebrated the return of their brother and co-host Dave Smith. The Skanks were in the Halloween spirit as Luis was Raphael “The Ninja Turtle who gets pussy” and Dave and Jay were dressed as the Insane Clown Possee. Guests Harris Stanton, Zac Amico, and Justin Silver had a blast talking about horror movies and turtle dicks before they tried to judge the most offensive costume contest. One fan was a little too eager and took a nasty spill… which the boys replayed roughly 50 times on the episode. It was a classic from the Skanks you don’t want to miss this one.



The Veteran Voice of the Octagon Bruce Buffer was joined by his co-host TJ DeSantis and special guest UFC welter weight champion Tyron Woodley. Outside of some of the more popular current events dominating headlines they focused primarily on the upcoming mega card UFC 217 at MSG. Tyron was especially invested as he had plans for whoever won the super fight between Michael Bisping and George St. Pierre.


Hosts Mike Cannon and Mike Feeney were kicking it old school at Cannon’s apartment. There was no Daena but there was tales a plenty as they had a ton of great Halloween themed stories. Plus Cannon finally gives up the name of the child star he did drugs with back in the day.



Hosts Chris Stanley, Chris from Brooklyn and Bronx Johnny had a ton to talk about on Thursday. Apparently Blockchain is the magic word to make ALL the money so the boys hammered it home over and over again. Of course the crew also delivered their review of Stranger Things Season 2 and so much more.



Host Jamey Jasta had a special treat for fans on Friday as the man behind Fozzy, WWE’s Chris Jericho came in studio. The pair covered everything from Fozzy’s smash hit Judas, Jericho’s proposed Rock & Wrestling Rager at sea and of course, the List of Jericho.


Dave Smith was back in the building on Friday and so was his former co-host Mike Branchatelli as a guest to chat about the most relevant topics of the week. Of course with Dave’s latest appearance on S.E. Cupp’s show Unfiltered creating a whirlwind of controversy they didn’t have to look far. Dave was the only one on that show to stand his ground that the United States involving itself in foreign territories lead to blowback from terrorist regimes and he elaborated on those thoughts on this powerful episode.


Another week was over at everyone’s favorite Digital Media Network. Make sure to check back next week for a rundown of all the great shows across the network and don’t forget you can subscribe and watch all your shows live in glorious HD, use your favorite shows promo code for a 14 day free trial and save 15% off monthly membership.