Oct 30 2017

Topping off the tank for the week of 10/22-10/28

by MikeH


A recap of everything GaS from the week of 10/22




Host Luis J Gomez was traveling on a Monday again, this time with the always hilarious Justin Silver. The comedians discussed Luis insane eating habits on the road, the appropriate time to leave for a flight and Luis jealousy over Justin’s rich friend. Any time these two get together for a show one on one hilarity ensues and this week was no different. What a way to start off the week.


Host’s Michael Bisping and Luis J Gomez had a lot to talk about on Monday. With the UFC middleweight champion of the world wrapping up the most hardcore stretch of his training camp ahead of UFC 217 the pair welcomed on coach and nutrition freak Dean Amasinger to give an update on Bispings condition. Luis also had to praise the Mystic from Manchester on predicting Darren Till’s dominant victory over Cowboy Cerrone and the implications it had on the division. All that and much more including a trip to a Michael’s Son’s wrestling tourney, the controversy with Mark Hunt, and more from the war of words between The Count and GSP.


Host Dave Smith made up for his wonky scheduling with an all star episode live from the Contra Cruise with guests Tom Woods and Bob Murphy. The trio discussed all things liberty and freedom, the exact same topics that sold out a boast full of people. The three men genuinely seemed to be enjoying the cruise spending time on the open water discussing their beliefs with like minded people. It was a real treat to listen in on three brilliant minds tackling the biggest issues in our nation today.


Hosts Ralph Sutton and Big Jay Oakerson were joined by not one but two guests, returning comic and friend of the network Mike Vecchione and adult actress Joslyn James. Ralph started off confused as to whether Mike had actually been on before recapping Michael Alago’s crush on Jay, Ralphs trip to Jimmy Kimmel and Ralph’s odd connection to Joslyn.

Look Then Taste – SDR #177 Highlight



Jamey Jasta was back on Tuesday welcoming in Adrian Patrick & Ryan Patrick from Otherwise. The pair sat down with the Hatebreed frontman in Las Vegas for a great chat. They talk about their new record, proving the believers right and old stories sticking with people.


Tim was back on Tuesday with co-host Ray Kump and they were in the holiday spirit kicking off the show talking about their favorite horror movies before getting into the similarities between “Who Took Johnny” and “Stranger Things”. The pair also covered the insanity of the prison industrial complex and of course the Corey Feldman pedophilia accusations.



Roastmasters was rocking Tuesday. Host Luis J Gomez presided over a panel of celebrity judges including Ron Bennington, Rich Vos, Big Jay Oakerson and the unified champion Eli Sairs. The judges weighed in on an awesome card with undercard battles  Mark Stevens vs James Pontillo, Rachel Joan vs Melissa Diaz, Chloe Mcgovern vs Katie Boyle and an awesome main event ofRaanan Hershberg vs Jay Welch.




Hosts Luis J Gomez and Zac Amico were back together again welcoming in the awesome duo of Mike Feeney and Greg Stone. As always when Greg is on RAP the show went places, it derailed at times, but it was always hilarious. They talked about everything from GTA to ordering things on other peoples Alexa’s and Luis told an incredible story about his whore of a cat.


The prodigal son has returned! Rumors of Kris Tinkles demise were widely overstated and he came back to Hammerfisting with a vengeance. Your regularly scheduled hosts Ricky Bones and Matty Jesterskulls also welcomed in New York Comedian Alia Janine, who took the boys up on her public invite from a month or so back. This one got wild, they talked about Darren Till and Cerrone, but the conversation quickly devolved into how to break into porn as a man, the weirdest laws on porn in foreign countries and this hilarious story of Alia’s attempt at fighting 6 strippers at once.


Hosts Myka Fox and Kerryn Feehan were joined by Kaytlin Bailey to finally tackle a long overdue topic for shaming, sex work. The three comedians talked about Kaytlin’s past as a sex worker some of the high and lowlights of her career and Kerryn and Myka openly pondered why they weren’t getting a piece of the action. It was a funny, insightful and provocative episode, but that’s nothing new for the gals of Shame On.


Host’s Big Jay Oakerson and Luis J Gomez were joined by the apparent winner of the Jew Off, Justin Silver as Dave Smith was again presumed dead by all. The three long time friends welcomed in another good friend of the show SNL’s Michael Che. The boys talked everything from Luis’ insanity at the airport, Corey Feldman’s push to expose pedophilia in Hollywood and Luis openly threatened war agains the open micers at The Creek and The Cave. It was a blast as always, you’re not going to want to miss this one.




The Veteran Voice of the Octagon Bruce Buffer was joined by his co-host TJ DeSantis and guest Jon Anik this week. They talked everything from NFL week 8, the upcoming UFC 217 card in New York and the return of George St Pierre.


Hosts Mike Cannon and Mike Feeney were all about that DMT this week. Cannon was introduced to the magic of Changa. Feeney had a great story about Bob Kelly and even Daena got drug into the cross fire.


With Chris Stanley out, Chris from Brooklyn and Bronx Johnny called on their stand by fat white friend, Ray Kump! Of course with Ray on the show the boys had to talk wild conspiracies, and especially this week with the news of the released JFK documents and Corey Feldman being proven right about the ring of pedophiles running the media.




Jamey Jasta was back off the road and he made a beeline for the GaS Digital studio for an awesome sit down with Mina Caputo from Life of Agony. They two artists went deep in this episode talking conspiracies, religion, politics and especially how to keep a positive attitude no matter what life throws at you.



Dave Smith was back in studio on Friday, this time diverting from the domestic and focusing on the US foreign policy.  And to tackle the subject Dave welcomed in journalist Scott Horton. The pair focused on the misinformation the government uses when they talk about foreign wars, Bin Laden’s master plan to drag the U.S. into multi pronged wars and how Iraq was never a threat to the U.S.


Another week was over at everyone’s favorite Digital Media Network. Make sure to check back next week for a rundown of all the great shows across the network and don’t forget you can subscribe and watch all your shows live in glorious HD, use your favorite shows promo code for a 14 day free trial and save 15% off monthly membership.