Oct 8 2017

Topping off the tank for the week of 10/1-10/7

by MikeH

A recap of everything GaS from the week of 9/24



Hosts Luis J Gomez and Zac Amico were back in studio on Monday with comedians Justin Silver and Dan LaMorte. Of course in the wake of a major American tragedy they had to discuss Marilyn Manson falling off a stage prop. The gang finally got around to talking about the horrifying news that trickled in overnight from Las Vegas. Plus they got to cover that Dan is the oldest looking young dude on the planet.


Host’s Michael Bisping and Luis J Gomez had a good deal to talk about on Monday. Luis recapped the harrowing tale of being shunned by Chuck Lidell, much to the amusement of the British world champion. The duo also touched on some fake news surrounding Nick Diaz shotgun wedding and the beef between Fabricio Werdum and Tony Ferguson, all before the two hosts gave their picks on a stellar UFC 216 card.


Dave Smith has been one of the busiest men at the network over the last month. With his trip to LA with the Skanks that helped raise a ton of money and awareness for Puerto Rico to running all over both coasts promoting his debut special and #1 album Libertas. It’s a small miracle that he has any time to come in studio to give his thoughts on POTP, but the nation was reeling from the horrifying incident in Las Vegas and on Mondays episode Dave had plenty to say about not only the senseless act of violence, but gun control in general, as well as taxation and other big picture points that aren’t being covered by most media outlets.


Hosts Ralph Sutton and Big Jay Oakerson welcomed in not one, but two guests this week and neither of them were porn stars! But don’t check out just yet because one of the guests is a legend in smut, former owner of Penthouse magazine, Nick Guccione, plus the hilarious Christian Finnegan stopped by to try to help reign in the madness. These boys went off on everything from the new and noteworthy changes to the adult industry, to chemtrails and inside jobs. This episode was bonkers and a whole lot of fun.



Jamey Jasta was back with another show from Warped Tour, this time with Silverstein frontman, Shane Told. The pair talked about the loneliness of podcasting and why it’s not cool to complain when you’re a rockstar before diving into crazy moshpit stories.


Tim Dillon and Ray Kump were back on the air Tuesday with more candid and in your face commentary on the hottest issues in the country, and sadly, this week, that included the tragedy in Las Vegas as well as Trump finally touching down in Puerto Rico. Tim and Ray have a very unique set of skills that let you look at any event and smile at the absurdity of life. What I’m saying is, if and when someone tells me I have inoperable cancer, I hope its Tim Dillon that delivers the news, because he’ll probably have me in tears laughing before he’s done.


Roastmasters was excellent on Tuesday night. Luis J Gomez was back and in full effect picking up hosting duties after a 2 week hiatus. The judges table went for a barebones feel with only house judges Rich Vos, and Big Jay Oakerson flanking unified champion Eli Sairs. The lack of congestion on the dais allowed for some hillarious riffing as they presided over some killer battles. The undercard was incredible with Michael Coscarelli vs Leo Volf, Stan Talouis vs Daniel Perafan, Emily Faith vs Jeff Scheen, David Sirus vs Erica Spera.  All before an absolutely stacked main event with Jacob Williams taking on JP Mcdade, who was back for the first time since his failed title run.



Hosts Luis J Gomez and Zac Amico were joined by two absolute killers on Wednesday in Nick Mullen and Anthony Devito. Once again Vegas was on the brain on Wednesday and the group had one major question, who is James Aldeen anyway? They followed up with an interesting nod for Real Ass Dude of the week and detailed the best possible adventure to 6 flags.



Hosts Ricky Bones and Matty Jesterskulls were joined by Bloody Elbow contributor Victor Rodriguez to talk about a whole host of topics. They covered everything from the Steven Segal vs George Foreman beef, what exactly makes Mcgregor the biggest star in the sport and of course stone cold lock UFC 216 picks.


Kerryn Feehan and Myka Fox were in rare form on Wednesday welcoming in Christopher Crespo to co-host for a chat with Jessica Kirson. The ladies torched Jessica’s prospects of ever marrying a man, her relationship with Robert Deniro before covering whether or not Kerryn is physically able to cry plus Jessica tries to avenge Kerryn’s loss to Chris with another arm wrestling match.


Hosts Luis J Gomez, Dave Smith and Big Jay Oakerson were back from LA and live at The Creek and The Cave with special guests  comedian Owen Benjamin and UFC Fighter Mickey Gall. The Skanks couldn’t let the opportunity pass, with Mickey booked to fight Jamacian born Randy Brown to try and turn the fued into the first battle in a race war. They weren’t done there though, the gang then went in on Mickeys childhood friend in typical Skanks fashion, all before covering the elephant in the room, the bashing Owen Benjamin has been taking on twitter from the PC mob.



Bruce Buffer and co-host TJ Desantis had a jam packed show on Wednesday. Of course with Bruce’s long standing ties to Vegas through the UFC he had to touch on the masacre from over the weekend. The pair talked gun lawns and regulations and how senseless the violence was, all before welcoming on their guest Jeff Novitzky, the UFC’s VP of Health and Performance. They talked about Jeff’s ties to superstars in other sports before focusing on the very real issues facing athletes in the UFC and Jeffs plan to clean up the sport.


Hosts Mike Cannon and Mike Feeney were in rare form on Thursday. Cannon kicked off the show with a fired up rant about the worst part about coaching childrens athletics (Spoiler alert, its the parents). Feeney had a high stress story of his own, recounting heading to Yankee Stadium earlier in the week for a winner take all playoff game. Plus, Cannon almost puke burped. You don’t want to miss this one.



Hosts Chris from Brooklyn, Bronx Johnny and Chris Stanley were ready to rock on Thursday. Chris from BK finally had a loser with his Thursday night football picks, but man was it ever close. Turns out Chris Stanley is Jewish, who woulda thunk it. Plus the gang breaks down Johnny’s letter to his “concrete rose”, the girl in prison the boys decided to saddle him with from last weeks episode.



Host Jamey Jasta caught up on some emails from fans before diving into another excellent episode featuring Scott Vogel from Terror plus Jamey’s bandmate Frankie 3Gun. The trio talked about how dog ownership can be a literal lifesaver, some famous phrases attached to Scott and of course a ton of talk about the music business and the craziest tour stories.


Dave Smith was fired up on Friday starting out with a crash course in the libertarian view on the governments obsession with drug prohibition. Dave then covered a litany of topics including how propaganda can point you towards the will of the masses and a strong case as to how badly people in the government want to go to war.


Another week is over at everyone’s favorite Digital Media Network. Make sure to check back next week for a rundown of all the great shows across the network and don’t forget you can subscribe and watch all your shows live in glorious HD, use your favorite shows promo code for a 14 day free trial and save 15% off monthly membership.