Aug 21 2017

Topping Off The Tank 8/13-8/20

by MikeH


A Recap of everything GaS from the week of 8/13



James was out this week so Marissa Rivas was joined by the High Society boys to discuss Episode 5 of HBO’s popular series “Game of Thrones”. On this week’s episode the packed house discussed the revelation that John Snow isn’t a bastard after all, how hot the late Dickon Tarly was and Jorah Mormont’s inability to escape the most dreaded realm in all of Westeros, the friend zone. Check out this hilarious clip.



Ari Shaffir and Justin Silver joined hosts Luis J. Gomez and Zac Amico to talk about a variety  of topics bringing their comedic point of view to current events. Topics included  the events in Charlottesville VA’s Unite the Right Rally, gender neutral parenting and sneaking contraband onto airplanes.


Dave Smith had a headline grabbing episode on Monday with the man at the heart of the controversy in Charlottesville, Christopher Cantwell. The pair talked extensively about where the White Nationalist movement falls on the political spectrum, the overall goal of the movement and his account of the tumultuous weekend. Check out a clip from the episode here.


August is Anal Awareness month, and there was no way hosts Big Jay Oakerson and Ralph Sutton were going to let that go unobserved. The duo followed up on last years edition that saw porn star Loretta Vendetta try out a mold of Ralph’s penis in her butt with some penetration of their own. Famed erectile dysfunction surgeon, Dr. Andrew Kramer on to give the boys prostate exams. They discussed different types of penile implants, how porn effects your sex life and made sure that both men of a certain age were in tip top shape. Check out the clip of the doc doing the deed here.




Hatebreed’s Jamey Jasta was back on Tuesday with another interview from Van’s Warped Tour, this time with guest Valient Himself from Valient Thor. The pair talked about life on the road and answer questions from the fans in attendance, plus Jasta answers more emails from fans.


Michael Bisping was slightly delayed thanks to his return trip from Hawaii so the show was pushed back for a day. It was well worth the wait though with co-host Luis J. Gomez teeing up some great topics for the UFC Middleweight champion including MMA conspiracy theories, the sparring footage the McGregor’s camp released and talk of a boxing match of his own against fellow Englishman Tony Bellew.


Tim Dillon and Ray Kump were back at it Tuesday to talk about Trumps first 7 months in office, Ray’s new diet and their thoughts on Charlottesville. Tim as always was irritated beyond belief at the current events of the nation and he didn’t hesitate to unload on all targets in site. Enjoy a highlight from this weeks episode.


Roastmasters was back in a big way this week with the second half of round 1 of the 16 battler tournament for a title shot. This week featured tournament battles between Rosebud Baker vs Ian Fidance, Mookie Thompson vs Joel Walkowski, Erik Bergstrom vs FreddyG and Elon Altman vs Katie Hannigan. The Main Event featured Geno Bisconte and our very own Luis J. Gomez! Check out this awesome battle from Tuesday’s show.



Luis J. Gomez was back in studio on Wednesday with temporary co-host Tim Dillon and they welcomed back a favorite guest, Nick Mullen. Luis took the trio on a roller coaster of topics including his tragic Facebook ban, Luis brilliant plan to fix the pedophila problem in Hollywood and the fun side of Nazi’s. Check out this clip from Wednesday’s show.


Hosts Ricky Bones and Matty Jesterskulls were in studio again this week to once again bring their uniquely funny take on all things MMA. They duo talked about their love of older women, the news of 8 ounce gloves being used in the upcoming Mcgregor vs Mayweather super fight and how to get away with cheating on your wife with an alien.


Hosts Myka Fox and Kerryn Feehan welcomed on Corey Reppond in the interest of shaming the ugly. As if kicking his ass in the first round of the Roastmasters summer tournament Myka brought on her former opponent to shit on his parents attractiveness, the weight of his wife and they even took a shot across the bow at producer Rickey Bones, trying to set up an “ugly vs ugly” fight. The ladies were vicious as always and with Myka’s deep dive on Corey ahead of their roast battle, there was more than enough ammo to turn this into a classic episode.


The Skanks, Big Jay Oakerson, Luis J. Gomez and Dave Smith opted not to head to Queens and instead invited Ari Shaffir in studio at GaS Digital HQ. The four friends discuss the heat Dave Smith has gotten on Facebook from another comedian over his controversial interview from Mondays POTP then Ari helped Luis recreate an embarrassing photo that “Baby James” posted to Twitter before Ari, Luis and Dave ganged up on Jay’s fashion choices. Check out this clip from another classic episode of Legion of Skanks.



4PM on Thursdays means one thing It’s Time with Bruce Buffer is taking over GaS Digital. Buffer and co-host TJ DeSantis welcomed a special guest, boxing historian, Gary Randall to talk about the pending super fight that no one in combat sports can stop talking about Mcgregor vs Mayweather. All three of them broke down the fight from every angle possible including both mens training process, the validity of the Zab Judah “knockout” of Mayweather during a sparring session and Conor’s future in boxing beyond the August 26th battle. If you’re a fight fan, you know its not official until you hear it from the Voice of the Octagon, and your certainly don’t want to miss this engaging episode.


The two Mikes, Feeney and Cannon were joined this week by special guest, Luis J. Gomez. Luis started on the offensive almost instantly calling out Feeney for his patented “ahhhhh” being an expression of his lack of confidence. The comedians went on to tell stories about awkward meetings with A-Listers in the comedy world before turning their fire to producer Deana. Check out this clip of the worst moment in the history of podcasting.



The High Society boys Chris Stanley, Bronx Johnny and Chris from Brooklyn were back in studio on Thursday to have some fun with the worst current events. The hosts brought up Chris Cantwells propensity for tears, how polo shirts became the official dress code of white supremacists and Bronx Johnny admonished men in light of Ke$ha’s first post rape album and the guy who owes Taylor Swift a dollar for groping her ass. Check out this amazing clip of the High Society obliterating Chris Cantwell.



Jamey Jasta was back on Friday to chat with Sylar’s Jayden Panesso. The two artists covered Sylar’s start as a new band and being influenced by Linkin Park, Papa Roach and Limp Bizkit and getting their big break. The pair then went over ideas for how to ramp up the festival scene and what the next big thing in music might be. If you’re an aspiring creative person this episode will without a doubt light a fire under your ass.


Dave Smith was back on Friday, and free of a guest, Dave was able to give his full thoughts on the event on everyones mind, Charlottesville VA. Dave fired back at everyone who has given him grief on the left and the right stating that he’s been clear on where he stands on the Alt-Right movement. Dave reiterated that the outrage over the movement adds fuel to the fire, instead Dave urged people to do what he does and fairly evaluate the opinions of others before forming a judgment based on your core beliefs. He made a compelling argument that many people caught up in the movement are just disenfranchised souls who identify with the word Nazi as an anti-system statement. As always, Dave did his research before stepping up to the mic and he and co-host Robbie Bernstein had a frank and honest discussion about the most divisive topic of the week. I can’t stress enough that if you’re looking for a frank and honest discussion about politics, look no further than Part of the Problem.


Another week was over at everyone’s favorite Digital Media Network. Make sure to check back next week for a rundown of all the great shows across the network and don’t forget you can subscribe and watch all your shows live in glorious HD, use your favorite shows promo code for a 14 day free trial and save 15% off monthly membership.