Aug 14 2017

Toping off the tank 8/6-8/11

by MikeH


A recap of everything GaS for the week of 8/6



James and Marissa kicked off another excellent week at GaS with their weekly recap of HBO’s mega-series Game of Thrones. In this week’s episode the pair find out what a ballista is, argue over battlefield etiquette for a commander and James flat out threatens to quit Game of Thrones all together. Check out this awesome clip.



The dream team was back at it for Mondays show with Zack Amico back in the co-hosting chair with Luis J. Gomez leading the way. The pair invited in the hilarious Ian Fidance and Myka Fox of Shame On fame. The quartet covered numerous subjects such as the legitimacy of the roast battle format, the beef between Anthony Cumia and John Stewart and they even touched on a girl who talked her boyfriend into suicide. Check out this clip.


Michael “the count” Bisping had a lot to talk about on this week’s BYM. He started off talking about tales of robbery and heroism in Hawaii before going in on the issues with 10-8 rounds, MMA’s new unified rules and how confusing some judges can be on a given night. They closed the episode out with co-host Luis J. Gomez informing the middleweight champion about some unkind words from Luke Rockhold, Robert Whitaker and Tyron Woodley. Check out the write up and an audio highlight of some of Bisping’s choice words for Rockhold here.

Bisping responds to Rockhold “Your head was bouncing around like a f—ing pinball machine” (Full Audio)


Dave Smith was back at it Monday with a great episode about wealth and the economy. It was a very interesting look at the growth of wealth in the US from the late 1800’s to today. Co-host Robbie Bernstein pulled up a chart and the two went through it pointing out high points of government spending as opposed to the wealth created by the free market. Check out this awesome clip and get educated.


Ralph Sutton had to do without Big Jay on Monday, so he called on a pinch hitter in Luis J. Gomez. The networks co-founders welcomed in the band Midnight Crisis. They chatted about the guy trying to get Luis fired from GaS, tried snorting chocolate and even played a song in studio. Check out the clip here.



Hatebreed’s Jamey Jasta welcomed Cannibal Corpse singer George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher to talk about his nerves singing for Cannibal Corpse for the first time, where he ranks on the list of favorite Jasta show guests and the awkwardness of taking over for someone departing a band. This was an excellent episode, and don’t forget you can sign up for GaS Digital with Promocode JASTA to check out all the episodes he recorded backstage on the Vans Warped Tour.


Tim was on fire this week! Co-Host Ray Kump sat down with Tim during the Unite the Right rally to discuss the descent into madness. That didn’t stop Tim and Ray going down the typical rabbit hole of madness talking everything from hoarders to cellphone kiosk salesmen to Aaron Carter using bisexuality as an out to his recent DUI. Tim is always hilarious but this episode was truly bonkers.


It’s Summer Tourney time at The Roastmasters. Host Luis J. Gomez welcomed in celebrity judges Joe List, Big Jay Oakerson, Rich Vos and Bonnie Mcfarlane to judge the opening round of the tourney to decide who would face either Patrick Schroeder or Eli Sairs for the Unified Roast Belt. The main event was an awesome 7 joke exhibition battle between Pat Dixon and Mike Cannon but the tournament had everyone going nuts. The 8 battlers taking the stage next week have a lot to live up to after the four opening round contests this week. Check out this instant classic battle between Dina Hashem and Dave Kinney.



Luis J. Gomez started off on Wednesday inviting in Tim Dillon to fill Zack’s co-host chair along with guest Mike Recine. Mike started off the episode going full heel on his Roastmasters win Tuesday night, stating men are simply better at roasting than women ahead of his second round battle with Dina Hashem. The Three comics then transitioned to talk about SJWs, the changes to Coney Island over the years and a great conversation about the impending nuclear holocaust. Things got hot between Tim and Mike, check out the clip.


The Hammerfisting boys were whole on Wednesday with in studio hosts Ricky Bones and Matty Jesterskulls joined by Chris Tinkle via Skype. The hosts talked about a bomb threat on Chris’ block, a UFC Fight Night card beating a Boxing title fight in ratings and the war of words between Conor Mcgregor and Paul Malignaggi.


The ladies of Shame On, Myka Fox and Kerryn Feehan decided to aim high for a change taking on the country of Canada on this week’s episode. The comedians welcomed on Alex Pavone to discuss Myka’s sordid past as a Canadian circus performer before ripping on our neighbors to the north. The hosts debunked the myth of a cool Canadian celebrity and made fun of Alex pending CTE related death before asking questions like is maple syrup a basic food group?


The Skanks were live from the hive at the Creek and The Cave on Wednesday night. Hosts Big Jay Oakerson, Luis J. Gomez and Dave Smith welcomed on friend of the network Owen Benjamin. The Skanks started off the episode mocking Luis’ foray into online shopping before reminiscing about the good old days of just robbing companies through the mail. Of course it’s impossible to get Dave and Owen in a room together without dipping a toe into politics, so of course our pending nuclear war with North Korea was on the table. Luis took the opportunity to turn intern Luke into his racist Asian puppet in this classic clip.



Without a guest for the first time in over a month host Bruce Buffer and co-host TJ Desantis took the full hour to discuss current events of the day. It wouldn’t be a discussion with fight fans if Mcgregor vs Mayweather wasn’t brought up and the two did a deep dive on the pending superfight including Conor’s pending return to MMA. The pair also discussed a crazy story about kidnappers in Europe, the dichotomy between state and local Marijuana legalization and mental health issues. This was a jam packed episode with many hot takes from the veteran voice of the octagon, you don’t want to miss it.


Hosts Mike Feeney and Mike Cannon, both hot off wins at Roastmasters on Tuesday have settled in nicely to their new home at GaS Digital Studios. The pair started off talking about their love of HBO’s The Defiant Ones before Cannon went into a harrowing tale about tripping at a pet store and later Feeney breaks down the asshole melting pot that created his Mike Cannon impression, check out the clip.


High Society Radio saw Chris from Brooklyn, Bronx Johnny and Chris Stanley together in studio with guest Nick Deleon. The quartet talked the work of Chris Nolan, the joys of unemployment and video game disappointments. This highlight was just bonkers with the boys somehow covering crypto currency, Chris Stanleys birthday, and the finer points of skating around racism. 



Jamie opened up the Friday edition of his show opening the mailbag from fanbridge and answering pressing questions from the fans before welcoming on Jesse Margera and fans live backstage at The Vans Warped Tour. The two rockstars discussed Ice Cubes 3 on 3 basketball league, using celebrity to get into a wrestling show and trying to hustle downed lumber from the forest around Jesse’s house.


Host Dave Smith was ready to rock Friday night. After a week of almost every show on the network touching on escalating tensions with North Korea there was no way Dave wasn’t going to tackle the issue hard. Dave and co-host Robbie debated Trumps strategy to deal with Kim Jung Un, with Dave admonishing the POTUS for talking smack while in an active hostage situation. The pair discussed the effectiveness of trade sanctions and the political capital that comes with war mongering. Dave really brought it this episode, bringing a level headed, big picture look at this wild situation gripping headlines across the nation.