Sep 14 2016

New to GDN – It’s time to SHAME ON!

by iamralphsutton

Every week hosts Kerryn Feehan & Myka Fox will pick a different group to shame!  So all the haters out there get ready to Shame On!   The show joins GDN on Thursdays – and will serve as a lead in to long time GDN show (part of the original fab four) High Society Radio, as well as UFC/MMA show Hammerfisting, making Thursdays one of the most active days on GDN.     High Society Radio will be moving to 8PM – to give Kerryn and Myka time to get their shame on, and Hammerfisting will stay at noon.  Making the schedule as follows.  #PlugInFuelUp!


12PM – Hammerfisting

6PM – The All New SHAME ON

8PM – High Society Radio