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Midi Moments

The modern indie band happily discusses its DIY ethic, but follows a rather traditional path single, video, album, tour, repeat. And you can bet there are rather large and involved machinations behind the scenes.

Then there’s Midi Matilda. The San Francisco based duo Skyler Kilborn and Logan Grimé comprise a rather unconventional but extraordinarily catchy electro-pop duo that’s more than happy to do everything themselves: songwriting, instruments, audio engineering, producing, video production, artwork, even live shows (“Just the two of us does make touring easy,” notes Kilborn.)

“It’s not like we’re against collaborating,” says Grimé, Midi’s drummer. “We’re just really hands on with everything.” Which means they’re not doing everything by the book. And we’re not discussing Midi Matilda’s new album. Because… there isn’t one. Instead, we’re discussing songs the band chooses to release when they feel like it. Songs that get time to develop “a vibe, life and story of their own.”


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