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    Get out it’s a trap

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    the infamous pussy pissing chick that luis got (ironically) PISSED about getting piss on the table haha. The look of pure joy and disgust on chris bk and big jay were fucking hilarious. Ralph is an og for letting that pig pop ping pongs out w the puss straight up xD

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    THe link is broken/ it just sends me to the GAS signup page; I tried to even complete it but it errors out. I wanna gift my buddy a sub.

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    Agree it was a great episode. Hope SDR gets back to more live in-studio episodes.

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    now the fucking bots are necroposting, they need to fix this shit, its pitiful

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    theres a shitload of game or contest themed episodes most of which are some of the best ones, great idea for a compilation list, heres what i could come up with just quickly looking for some i remembered off the top of my head and what i seen while lookin just now and i know for a fact im missing a few, like as i was typing this i remembered the halloween ones and im pretty sure there are more of those that im still missing…

    #172 Hoedown Showdown
    #310 The Co-Ed Squirt Off
    #390 Squirt-Off Part 2
    #350 Feats Of Manliness
    #146 Name That Tune With Consequences
    #228 Wiener Roulette
    #342 Pornstar Password
    #276 What’s In The Box, Gralph?
    #110 SDR Jeopardy w consequences
    #370 Anal Ring Toss
    #084 Rock N Roll Jeopardy (with consequences)
    #402 Beat Me To The Finish
    #456 I Spy Brown Eye
    #326 World Series Of Anal
    #361 Porn Trivia
    #282 Halloweenie Cockstume Contest
    #346 Halloween BOObie Costume Contest
    #450 Halloweenies

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    hit support at the bottom of the page and create a new support ticket, their pretty quick with responding but i think you gotta remember to check the support page for response

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    She’s fuckin’ disgusting. Looks like a Kensington zombie. How anyone thinks she’s ‘hot’ is mind boggling.

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    she looks like something you burn in the 1860s

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