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ZERO BENEFIT to subscribing to this network

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    You won’t even get live content for your monthly fee!!

    THIS IS (honestly) A JOKE! After all the CRAP that loyal subscribers have had to deal with for 2-3 years… we are CHARGED extra for content!?!?!???!


    No mention of problems with the site, with live streams going down, with upgrades that NEVER happen and NOW……

    you finally have something we want to watch AND….

    Guess what……

    YOU ARE DEMANDING MORE MONEY and we can all PRAY it works

    What a fucking joke! Absolutely fucking pathetic guys. I really enjoyed this network and its content until this happened. I am floored no one else is as pissed as I am.

    P.S. If you disagree with my rant, please simply tell me…..what are GaS members EXACTLY paying for each month????

    And now they want to charge for live streams?

    At least show us some pancake tits 😉 y’all know

    this has become a pathetic money grab……is GaS on OnlyFans now???



    Plus all the shows we do get a pre records. The racist live chat is obsolete becuase if it. They got lazy now there isn’t any soul in the network anymore. 10 years of LOS was 2 too long

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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