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You’re better than that, Luis!

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    Luis is bipolar

    Big Jay and other friends of Luis have been on Netflix’s The Degenerates, and Luis names his comedy show The Depraved. Wow, where does he get his ideas from? Not saying he’s a hack, but I think the dictionary might be…

    an immoral or corrupt person.

    adjective: depraved
    morally corrupt; wicked.


    Here is something you can look up in your thesaurus which is what you should have used, who fucking cares dork ass.

    Luis is bipolar

    What a good little gomite you are, and a super cool spider too. If you didn’t care then you wouldn’t have responded, loser. Move along troll.


    shut your front hole


    no, hes not. holy fuck your a faggot, was that some kinda horrifying attempt at humor? and you have the balls to use the word hack… this fanbase has gone totally fuckin soft, infiltrated and overrun by dorks, sycophants, and the hetero-challenged


    Luis is bipolar

    I know, you’re super hard core and nobody else understands just how smart you are. Doesn’t take much to rile up the cult members, does it?

    Luis is bipolar

    So I make a joke about how the tour names are similar and the Luis-bots all get triggered. If any of you were halfway funny, you would have pointed out that I used a hacky framing device to insinuate Luis is a hack. For example: I’m not saying that you’re an incel, but your crusty stuffed animals might be. You get it.


    nobody is defending luis, just attacking you for being a retard. the first thing i said was no hes not (better than that), you simped out right off the bat with your jewess tier passive aggressive title, you thought you were being clever with wordplay that wasn’t and nobody said anything about being smart but through your lack of self-awareness you clearly thought you were before your dick was kicked to the dirt which ironically massively triggered you even though its exactly what you should have expected posting here in the first place, you posted yesterday attempting to troll but was ignored like a dork who apparently cant dish it out or take it so dont bother next time, also the fact that you double replied 5 hours apart just to crowbar in more impotent rage just shows how much it bothered you.

    TLDR; go be an aspie somewhere else if youre just gonna be a double gay thin skin

    Luis is bipolar

    Damn, you really like to blather on. I’ll post what I want, dipshit. Nobody’s looking for your approval.

    Luis is bipolar

    Sorry, I don’t click on links from angry boys with silly fonts in their names. Another swing-and-a-miss there, jiggletits.



    Luis is bipolar

    Using memes because you can’t come up with something of your own to write? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Later, Tubby.


    im just havin fun bro, try not taking the internet serous for a bit it can be quite enjoyable lol why are you assuming im fat? or that it would hurt me, i think your projecting


    Not surprising seeing as his chick stole her show name from Are You Garbage

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 22 total)
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