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What’s your fav LOS episode?

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    Hey juggalos. Ive been binge watching LOS all week and have seen almost every episode with my favs like Shane, Soder, Normand and Nick Mullen… Any episodes with or preferably without these guys that stands out as a ‘must watch’ episode? Any recommendations are appreciated! <3

    Nick R

    The Ari Shaffir hitler episode, i think its Amy Schumer cucked brendan sagalow


    You’re a GaS subscriber (aka a retarded faggot), what I did was go back to the first episode with video and watch from there up until the most recent over the course of about a month or two. Very cool to see how the show developed from the intro to the interns etc. Don’t pick and choose, watch it like a serial show. It’s worth the time it takes. I think I did skip an ep here and there if I couldn’t stand the guest but generally the show is great regardless.

    The Likeability Olympics was a good one though.


    Mine is the Halloween special where Luis is dressed like a ninja turtle, and Jay and Dave are dressed like ICP.

    Half way through the episode, some drunk guy stumbles out of the audience, right into the shot, and then just face plants the floor. LOL. They had to take a break to call an ambulance for him. It really made me laugh.

    Worst episode? Patrick Melton.

    Fats domino

    Im a fairly new fan but Kameisha’ friend was the episode that sold me, now ive binged all of skanks and a third of rap runners up are soggy bonnie and most leigion of drinks episodes especially the forst one


    My favorites are whenever they’ve had guests that are really wacky/unhinged/pissed. The eps. that come to mind are the ones with Mark RanDom, Jimmy Martinez, Kevin Brennan, New Jack, TJ Miller

    Also like when they fuck with the audience, Kameshias friend has already been said and the funniest I think is when some kid was shitfaced with his friends and Luis tried to convince the guy to DP a rubber ass/pussy doll with him lol


    315 IV antibiotics is fucking hilarious.


    What number episode is the infamous nigger dick episode they always talk about that’s a always being brought up


    It’s early like around the 20s

    It’s Cam

    Episode 387- Big Jefferson with Josh Adam Meyers

    Nick Giaculli

    Aaron Berg or Cumia or both.


    Way early the naked episode back in the apartment with that wayne dude. That episode is fucking legendary. That had to be like ep 20 or something.


    58 subway counts

    Kevin Spacey

    Obviously, anything with Joe Derosa.

    Laphroaig Jack

    To me,

    The Random one was pure insanity (ep name Adam the Madam)
    The whole Presidential arc (around 7-8 episode I think) + Trial of the Century
    the Big Jefferson episode

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