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What exactly do you guys feel like Dave currentlycontributes to Legion of Skanks

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    Is it just me or is it sometimes like having a boring conservative christian mom on your ‘controversial’ comedy show


    about as much as jay

    Luke Osborne

    Have you heard the show without him?


    lol fair.. i just miss when dave was stoner dave

    Gallagher 3

    The volume & cadence of his voice are assets to show. Especially for live shows, the entire group gets reset when Dave talks. Think about it, the show would be Luis, Big Jay plus guests shouting over each other.


    I hated Dave for the longest time and would call him the opie of the show. For a while his only contribution was his lame louis voice. but after seeing people like random, Jimmy Martinez, Sherrod and Milo on the show, at least Dave isn’t annoying, just blan.


    At this point, none of them are contributing much to Skanks. RAP and POTP are great. The energy level on LOS is bleh. It feels like people simply fulfilling an obligation. Luis is the only one even attempting to throw out jokes half the time.


    [quote]would call him the opie of the show[/quote]

    Opie has never been funny in his entire life, as if he was, it was purely by accident. Dave on the other hand is very witty and humorous when needed, and most importantly – he is genuine. He is almost the opposite of greggshells in every way.

    How does this shitty forum not have even a basic quote function built in?


    No one works up angry Luis better than Dave. And he does have some killer snipes.

    owen harrison

    daves definitely the weakest link but yall being some haters. Daves a funny man and I couldn’t imagine the skanks without him

    Lil Jizzerrr

    Without Dave there is no skanks. All 3 of them add their own personality which offsets each other. Ying and yang but with 3

    It’s Cam

    I think Dave has aged like a fine wine. Listening to him on earlier Skanks he sounded … maybe unsure or not confident. His delivery is so much better now. I think they all balance each other out perfectly.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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