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    Elijah Olig

    No Digusting Hawk? No RAP? Why the hell do we pay for subscriptions when your trisomy team can’t upload a single file to a website? This is two weeks in a row where GAS seems utterly incapable of releasing anything on time.

    This is my last subbed month doggie. I’m going back to YouTube.
    Paying for episodes you can watch a day or two after airing? TRASH.
    WAiting for episodes you can watch a couple days later after airing on YouTube? CLASSY.

    Michael Hansen

    Two weeks? It’s been 5 or 6 now. Fucking morons. They even said it wouldn’t happen again.

    Gallagher 3

    Guys calm down, its only Monday, we’ll get at least 1 of the big 3 guests. Feehan, Fidance or Figs every week is priceless, its crazy we could get all 3 in a week and don’t pay more!!

    Imagine 40 minutes of iPod shuffle music THEN Luis says those 3 names as guests on the show, greatest 2 hours in audio recording history.


    Lol it’s so funny they even say “ you get all this content and we didn’t even raise the price” like anyone would fuckin pay for it. I’m gonna cancel mine just been too lazy to do it I can wait a couple days to get the “new” episode with the same guests that always come on because Luis can’t treat anyone with a shred of respect

    Gallagher 3

    All jokes aside, to be fair to Luis, I appreciated having a podcast that wasn’t over zoom for the past year. Pandy is the reason for limited available guests to choose from.

    That said, it’s a comedy network forum and Luis reads all our irrational thoughts. Is Luis running a loose ship nowadays because he started feeling true love again, I mean, smoking weed again, sorry forgot code phrase.

    Maybe new co-hosts Seth Simons & Lev Fer are take over with an advice from #woke and 20 year old wisdom show theme. Can’t wait for the how to become really good at boxing episode!

    Or maybe, Paco is showing what a wintern olympics participation ribbon recipient looks like in the work place… made good 1st impression followed by slow decline that ends with panel saying we want someone else for the position.

    Only certainty, ‘Maybe Figs’ is still waiting on Luis to text back


    The line of “20 thousand hours of content” is hilarious. There are 3-5 shows that anyone listens to on this network. Has anyone ever actually listened to a fucking Godfrey podcast?

    And what does subscribing get us? Luis makes more money, so Luis takes more vacations and tells us about his expensive ski trips and flying his entire extended family to Jamaica 8 times a year.

    What the fuck even is the LoS show at this point? Guys who occasionally say faggot and then do a giggle and eye roll like “haha remember when we said this stuff actually trying to be funny? How silly.”


    “big 3 guests. Feehan, Fidance or Figs”
    this line made me physically cringe, their all funny but none of them are all that big and their not guests their friends of luis’ a guest would be someone outside of the wheelhouse of the 12 people who are on RAP in rotation, i get not wanting to hire a 3rd party to help with the network but there needs to be more actual changes and improvements and less fucking around with literally anything outside of the network for alot of people on it, they need to cut the fuck down on the fact that half these shows are prerecorded so theres zero interaction, nobody uses the hotline and half the shows use an outside chat so theres no fucking point in subbing for that when assholes like jasta are charging 10 bucks on patreon just to join in a private chat for a show being broadcasted here to nobody, most of the shows are “comics” waxing intellectual on political issues or conspiracies with no humor or most of the time any fucking idea as to what their talking about, there isnt even anything implimented for downtime which makes up the majority of the schedule, not even random episodes being replayed in the stream, im not really one to complain but seeing someone simp, make excuses, and treat shit with kid gloves makes me sick and this is the resulting bile

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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