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Was there a RAP today?


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    It’s so funny cause they’ll blame internet service or whatever the fuck. They never take responsibility and just admit how obviously incompetent they are. I think gas is about to go under and they just don’t give a fuck. Just trying to squeeze out every cent they can like hungry dirty disgusting Puerto Rican’s and Jews. Luis is a spice faggot

    Devon Downs

    Uff no RAP on Friday he said if you stupid faggots listened on Wednesday he said no show Friday even yesterday’s show he said he is doing 4 this week to make up for it. You all are trash I can’t believe how stupid some of you are. Especially you Elijah you pathetic sad man. Boo hoo I can’t wait 24 hrs to watch a show with a guy who I hate because he isn’t uploading on time even though if you are fast enough you watch it a couple hours after the live stream. Is it annoying yes am I going to cancel over it? No.

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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