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    Nick Giaculli

    Just got done listening to it. Wasn’t that horrible. I was annoyed he kept saying he was leaving them didn’t leave.
    Most gay ppl r drama queens so wasn’t that bad.i give him a pass.
    Life is rough nowadays


    I respected all in this situation – it’s okay for Matteo to not want to hear a word.. I hate that society has been pushing all this sensitive shit, but it has pushed it so strongly that it changes the way people feel about these things and it can’t be helped if that’s the situation we’re in. Matteo didn’t change what they will say but he was honest about how he was feeling and they were sensitive to him without cowering about it. I think everyone handled themselves well and yes I’m a fucking pussy, but I imagine Matteo is pretty connected with gay culture so to me of course he might feel that way.





    Matteo fucked up, he made the show extremely awkward for the boys and it didn’t stop at Tranny. There were a few words he sighed and shook his head at, rape was one. He probably won’t be back on for at least a year.


    I just can’t figure out how you come on the Skanks and complain about words. I mean, you know what goes on during this show. If that’s the way he feels about it fine, but it’s ridiculous to complain about it on Skanks.


    I’ve known several “trannies” and literally none have gotten offended at that word. Like don’t scream it at someone in disgust, but it is just a quick or shortened version of a word. Shultz has the perfect bit on it. I’ve liked Mataeo in the past and it is dumb to be in a hivemind, but he knows what the podcast is and that they don’t shy away from offensive words or subjects, so why even come on when you know they use words like that. I have a feeling he wouldn’t say anything about the word spic, jew or a host of others, but had to make it an issue cause he is around trans people. That is one thing I notice about people who just get offended over singular words…they always are huge hypocrites that might get offended over a word like faggot, but then they say retard all the time.

    Archibald Cox

    Luis has had relations with trannies before. Fat puerto rican girl with a fat back, in which he claims he didn’t cum and a VR tranny, in which he claims he didn’t cum. both times he brain knew he was fucking a tranny.


    Give Matteo a break. He’s just coming off of a recent boost in career trajectory, and these guys immediately start pelting him with the kind of shit that ends careers in entertainment. He was being a good enough sport about it.


    That episode was so hard to watch he is a bitch for acting like that. Grow up dude stop being a virtue signaling faggot. It’s cool to be gay or whatever just stop being a fag

Viewing 9 posts - 16 through 24 (of 24 total)
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