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To the people who are white knighting for mark/los


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    What’s your argument?

    These are supposed to be comedians who can make/take jokes. The bit was they were judging their looks but calling it comedy.

    Ugly women comics know they’re ugly…hot ones know they’re hot. If they say they want to be treated as equals then they need to be able to take the joke.

    Are you telling me kerryn feehan has never made a joke about the way another comic looks? Are you not familiar with Real Ass Podcast? I’m sorry but this was possibly the lamest thing ever done on GaS.

    And it was Mark who got the bit stopped. Dave and jay provided a soft exit by (jay) pretending to also care about his “colleagues” and (dave) blaming luis.

    I never want to hear another joke about how luis gives female comics whom he fucks podcasts on the network. I never want to hear them judge any of their colleagues by their looks. I never want to hear kerryn plug her onlyfans. I can go on and on about tangible topics and jokes that are exactly what they did with this tournament.

    If I’m a female comic I organize every one mentioned and do one on how ugly the GaS dudes are. That’s how you play the game. Would luis, jay, dave, or mark give a fuck?

    I guess that faggot from a few weeks ago fits in better than we thought. At least he offered to remove himself so the content would be authentic.


    This is all overblown. its bad taste to make fun of your cowokers on a public forum when they’re not there at any job.. they should have realized the only people who can do this bit are people who have no ties to any female comedians. stop being a baby. hopefully they’ll come up with a better bit on the next one


    It was a funny bit any comedian would think it’s funny unless they aren’t funny which women are not funny so duh

    Luke Osborne

    Yeh kinda takes the shine off the Legion of Skanks to be honest. Supposed to be the most offensive podcast or some shit no?


    Mark getting weird and leaving at the end sucked. It was still 100x better than listening to old man Diaz ramble on about prison life or something.



    What would Tim Dillion Do?

    Mark should have just said he was gay and that all women are extremely unfunny and that they’re also very ugly, except for Whitney Cummings who is an angel, an unfunny angel.


    Just kidding Whitney I love you and you’re hilarious, please have me back.


    It’s not white knighting, it’s defending. Don’t be a cock sucker, remember when Tim Tim Dillion refused an AIDS test? Or Feehan threatened to sue LOS over her drubk ass video? Or How Soder bailed out on a Battle of the Bad Ass Bands bit, and gave everyone “5’s?”

    Fuck even Nick DiPalao said cool it on the Nigger jokes to Luis.

    You’re just like every other fag fan, that doesn’t get it.

    Chad Barfvark

    Mark didn’t want to bail on the bit because it’s offensive. It was because it’d be awkward when he talks shit about these girls then has to share a green room with them.

    It’s comfort, not an assault on comedy.


    Just worry about your own day job. It was like 20 minutes of an hour or so long episode and since they’ve had others, just enjoy a show or not.

    Archibald Cox

    I agree with the co-worker defense. Luis himself pulled this card when asked why he wouldn’t publicly trash Shcuab from TFatKid.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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