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    Big Al

    What happened on Legion of Skanks this week? Right before they went to spin the wheel there was a loud bang, then it cut out.


    I’m not sure if it was something real: on the video it looked like some electrical something or other and people were legitimately startled, save for Shane Gillis.


    That was weird as shit, rewatched a few times it was obviously fireworks but you also see Ari the only one dropping like he was faking being shot, then The Stands twitter said ari has been shot, also on RAP today Luis didn’t mention it at all..probably some gimmick for next weeks episode who shot Ari or some shit would be funny lol…or they used that as an out to not to spin the wheel


    Yeah it was for sure Ari’s idea that’s why he flipped at the end because he realised “oh shit I might not actually be convicted as guilty” so he went hard in the other direction. Also it was super gay cutting the stream… just as many people are going to tune in as usual it’s not going to get them more traffic or whatever their plan was.


    I think ari did it too, but I’ll be damned if his acting wasn’t top notch


    Pretty sure it was set up by Ari but it’ll most likely be explained next week but everyone has been obviously trying to ignore it

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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