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    Merton F卍U

    Run a dedicated forum system with a bunch of boards like the very popular O and A forum. With upvoting, proper notifications, discord integration, full chat system, roles/moderation, quoting who you’re replying to, subscriber only areas, proper seo etc etc. Night every be possible to bridge with the O and A forum. Could set up something with all that in a day easy.


    The new site is still slow as shit to load and you’re clearly still spending more money on getting even MORE shit podcasts (HAWK) than improving infrastructure. Also, still no ability to play video from the site with the phone locked or through picture in picture display. Which is wild, because that is the most basic thing you should have especially since you got rid of the app.

    It really doesn’t matter how much content is on the platform, if the platform itself is so bad. I watch most of the pods from GaS that I like on Youtube even though I am subscribed, because trying to use the GaS website on my phone is near impossible. You don’t need another 10 podcasts with washed up former “rockstars” or with really terrible comedians (HAWK, WAC etc). Even some of the ones that apparently have fans (somehow) like The Thing Is, definitely can’t contribute to your profits as much as improving the platform itself would.

    Nick Giaculli

    Maybe if you tag your post “free cocaine” or “gonorrhea cure” it would get Ralph and luis attention


    My account won’t log in even though the credentials are correct.

    *Edit ok this is weird, I can still comment in forums with the same account while the website still has me as not logged in. I can’t watch any shows. Please help me Sutton, you’re my only hope.

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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