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Stop tweeting at the loser brigade

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    I’m not above calling Jake, Seth or Luisa retarded socialist fags, but we are giving them exactly what they want. Victimhood is currency in their simpleminded social circles so tweeting at them only garners more sympathy and attention. So the best way to combat their faggotry is by ignoring them or killing them with kindness. Try expressing pity if you want to drive them crazy. Otherwise let them either and die with their tiny fan base. They have zero talent and this is their only avenue to a career. I doubt many GAS subscribers who frequent Twitter will see this so if you’re on twitter you should spread this message. I’d do it myself but I got my account permanently suspended for calling communists retards.


    none of this exists in the real world. delete your twitter, its not real. ask the next 5 people you see their opinion on it. it doesnt exist


    Seriously its hard enough to ask the average person if you know who Big Jay is let alone those 3 losers. They would probably fair better just treating those 3 and the dude from eve 6 like everyone else is in the real world and say ” Who ? ” when any of them are mentioned.


    Not only is Twitter not real, comedy or twitter “beef” is only one notch below being as gay as actually sucking dicks. The fact it somehow always becomes a topic of discussion on multiple shows among fucking adults is just depressingly pathetic. I’d almost rather hosts wax poetic on the “craft of comedy” for the thousandth time than listen to the same talking points on cancel culture regurgitated yet again.

    Not Sure

    Rogan could technically stop bringing up trans fighters every other episode (assuming he still does that. It’s been a while).

    He can’t stop though, so don’t expect people making 1/1000th the money to have more self control when being attacked.

    That being said, the hosts could just ignore the fucking nobodies. Responses to gig economy Twitter tards living in their parents’ house is the reason twitter outrage gets the attention and overpriced ad revenue that makes it both powerful and dangerous.

    Gallagher 3

    Rogan talked this week about 250lb tank dominating women’s rugby, poss Shane ep.

    Gallagher 3

    Jeselnik knows who big Jay is!!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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