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Stop booking random

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    He fucking sucks. Nobody likes him Luis. You are literally the only one that does. I know you read this. random FUCKING SUCKS.

    Laphroaig Jack

    I wonder why Random haters always sound so mad. Just skip the episode? You literally have 500 of RAP episodes to go through.


    IDK, sometimes he’s good.
    Well, HE’S not good, but sometimes having him around results in funny shit happening. I think it’s mostly when they have Random on in front of a live audience. In the studio, he generally sucks.


    I felt bad for Kerryn that last ep, idk its a comedy show and nothing funny every comes from him being on. He doesn’t even attempt humor, its just his hot topic, I hate the world, everyone is wrong but me bullshit.


    RANDOM’s the most narcissistic mother fucker alive. I really almost thought it was a character throughout it all but after the Kerryn ep its clear he really does have something FUCKED up with him. I for one really applaud luis for consistently putting that dude on the podcast with no fear whatsoever… The narcissism is INSANE, BUT thats what I think makes RANDOM’s comedy it’s own thing. He’s legit trying to push ANY boundary he can to claim fame. HOW CAN YOU NOT SUPPORT THAT SHIT. It’s real ass as fuck but crazyyyy. I’m sure mark’s a good dude deep down hes a crazy ass mother fucker and isn’t afraid to show it. You gotta respect that shit.


    Bru it’s funny cause he is so out of touch and mentally ill I feel bad for him. It reminds me of the Whack Pack from when stern was good


    The wack pack dynamic only works when there’s a room full of people to mock the freak show guest and everyone’s on board with it. Inviting a wack packer on to dominate the show isn’t that. And even as far as being the target to launch jokes off of, Random stinks. He’s not a unique fun crazy person, he’s just a run of the mill exhausting mentally ill douche.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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