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Still no RAP?? I’m DONE with GAS. Lets BURN IT TO THE GROUND!!!

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    Jay Goose

    Elijah, babyboy were not calling you gay,

    Were just saying your name is gay so everything you say we take with a grain of poppers

    <3 you


    Elijah Olig

    That’s totally cool Goose my fluffy feathered friend. If I’m being honest I didn’t choose to be named after a prophet, but jokes aside, she’s cheating on you.

    Jay Goose

    I know….you’re right she cheated on me with a crow. (he was bigger then me)

    If i’m being honest you still have the choice to still be named after a gayboy

    jokes aside he’s cheating on you


    Elijah Olig

    Imagine finding out your mother cheated on your father with a crow.
    That’s Baby James’ life story right there baby boiiiiii.


    Imagine posting a rant 17 days ago about fuck this site and fuck Luis. But still in the forum typing away. I mean it was a solid rant I was all the way on board and about to cancel my subscription till I went to the last page and this goofball is still here. Luis give this guy a shout out on RAP like he so desperately wants. Fucking dork

    Elijah Olig

    Wow. Imagine almost being swayed by a borderline shitpost to cancel your subscription until you realise the person still has more days left.

    It was a call-to-action for GAS to get their shit together, which they have for the most part. For months you would have to be downright insane to pay for this ‘service’. Now their uploads seem more consistent, Luis has no doubt seen this, started fuming, probably anon commented, it’s obviously gotten under his skin seeing this thread constantly bumped by you dorks and him not having the power on his own website to delete threads 😂👍

    So well done GAS. You’re no longer the worst streaming site in 2021.
    Your fans are still dumb enough to bump threads that have botnet directions though.
    Just goes to show you can lead a retard to water but you can’t make them swim.



    Then leave. I’m paying full for being a degenerate with no funds. Sure, GaS has it’s problems but at least you’re getting more shit than any one persons Patreon.

    Elijah Olig

    Most Patreons have videos in higher quality than 720p…

    At least the uploads are more or less on time now. For months it was a damn near nightmare timing ANYTHING on this site. You would expect a live show and be met with a 40 minute wait, broken streams, and then days of no uploads. It was insane.

    It’s also madness that GAS Digital can barely pump 320p or 720p, yet it consistently uploads in 1080p to YouTube. Now THAT’S a mindfuck.

    Ralph Sutton

    If you are having any issues – please open a ticket or email support. For the most part these forums are unmonitored.

    They are for the subscribers.

    You can always email me directly

    You seem like a stable guy — so let’s chat.


    unmonitored…says the owner of the business.

    Elijah Olig

    You know what Ralph, you ludicrously sized man, I might just do that.

    Upload schedule issues aside, the BANDWIDTH issues you guys are having are inexcusable for the no-doubt astronimical amount of cash you’re paying your CDN and host. You and Luis know that. I’m assuming that’s why GAS Digital doesn’t support 1080p streaming; hosting and CDN limitations.

    There are cost-effective solutions for this that the team might not have looked into. I’ll send through some info when I get the chance.


    Elijah the truth is that GAS isn’t that bad, you’re just an autistic loser with nothing better to do. Go get a hobby or a job or something; podcasts should be a pretty minor thing in your life.


    You realize that you’ll get two popcasts a week or just some extended content, and pay $5 for ONE pod. If you like three or four, that’s like $15-$20, per month.

    Also, GaS isn’t trying to use AWS because you give up control of your service, as with Patreon. One day they could say, “So long, fair fucking well!”

    GaS offers an alternative to those rackets, you might get fucked on loading or some other shit, but at least you know they own the content, etc…

    Garrison W


Viewing 14 posts - 31 through 44 (of 44 total)
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