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STILL no Disgusting Hawk from MONDAY?!

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    Elijah Olig

    Honestly. Fuck GAS. Every video buffers like I’m on dial-up in 320p. Nothing is released on time. Most of these shows are complete and utter trash, and the ones that are decent we can all watch on YouTube in 1080p in comfort without us spewing bandwidth at whatever shithouse server or CDN GAS uses.

    I’m done after this month. It’s just too much of a shitshow to be worth even $5 a month. So screw the ‘overly pontificating on life instead of being funny Joe Rogan wannabe’ Luis Who Gives A Fuck Gomez and the as equally useless ‘I’m a terrifying ogre Jew who pets animals and women to death’ Ralph Rape Face Sutton.

    Your service and site fucking stinks.
    You absolute chromosome countdowns.

    Winners of the trisomy championships:
    GAS Digital.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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