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Skanks need to react to this painfully embarrassing Shane Gillis JRE clip

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    owen harrison

    SHANE GILLIS has the most Umcomfortable Moment on JRE HISTORY! JUST BRUTAL! from LesionsOnSkanks

    and this dude Shane brought up this award moment like 5 more times in the podcast and made it awkward every time


    That was legit one of the funniest moments of the podcast… Rogan was Daydreaming of DMT I believe.
    It was even more hilarious that Gilly kept on bringing it back up and Roggie basically had to coddle him saying things like im sorry I shouldve reacted differently and such.
    Also when Gilly mentioned making his “save me st roggie” pleas on various pods, Rogan acted like he had no idea Gilly was doing that… which is possible but I find unlikely since people mustve been sending him and young Jamie clips and/or other comics mustve been asking and joking around with Rogan about whether or not he had seen Gillies save me pleas.

    Also was it just me or did anyone else notice every time Rogan made a statement of something that could be considered slightly controversial, Gilly would give himself a little self chuckle… like he was thinking in his head, “Damn im bout to get St. Roggies in trouble with the twitter mob.” or it was a “damn im about to go viral with St. Roggie.”
    Could just be me but there was something extra funny and slightly evil about the way Shane would chuckle at certain statements of Rogan’s

    Also just gotta say it was great seeing Shane on JRE finally, I was seriously starting to think Rogan didnt like shane or something


    Joe rogan sucks anymore man his show hasn’t been good and he isn’t a good host unless he is talking to some brain dead scientists that doesn’t tell jokes that’s why he doesn’t give people laughs anymore he is a dickhead


    jre isnt what it used to be. joes brain broke and now he can only talk about 5 things. but i would have never found kill tony without rogan.. and would have never found LOS without kill tony. so thanks st rogies


    @azzman1234 I took a different funky route steming from roast battle so in a fucked up way thanks CC?

    kamala harris

    “yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah”

    -shane gillis

    Chad Barfvark

    Pretty funny, seemed to me that Rogan felt like he was being guilted for not having Shane on and Shane was just making fun of thinking Rogan would actually have him on. Painful miscommunication resulting in the crab swirl.

    Ed Harman

    I totally agree that Rogan often doesn’t get a lot of jokes from a lot of comedian guests on his show. Guests like Big Jay made some solid jokes when he was on and Rogan didn’t seem to get them. Normand had some zingers that Joe thought were comments and not actually jokes. Okay now, that was a really odd thing to say on his first visit. When he said it I knew it wasn’t gonna go over well. Also why would he think that he could do the JRE that soon after being fired. I don’t know but Rogans show seems very popular and probably takes many months to actually do the show even after being booked. I’m glad Shane finally did the show though. Fawk Yeahhh!

    Elizabeth Warren

    St Rogies is about the only comic I know of that doesnt seem to understand comedy. Dude is far too serious nowadays. Painful listening to him on skanks a while back when he was in new york, he doesnt want to joke, he just wants to talk about saunas and UFC. In a very serious manner.


    Go to his subreddit, JRE fan base has been taken over by hipster liberal faggots.

    That’s Joe’s new demographic, people that would melt down if they watched any episode 2-3+ years old.

    Ed Harman


    Ed Harman

    Yeah, it did seem like Rogan thought that. It kind of felt that way when Shane said it.

    Ed Harman

    Why the fuck does this forum have REPLY in the top right corner of every post if it doesn’t put your reply underneath the comment you’re replying to.

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