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Should I Subscribe for new LoS Episode?

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    Is the new LoS uploaded?

    New here. Can’t tell if I should get on board or naaaah. Bored AF, jonesin for new LoS.

    Please advise.


    Not really. They commented on a video of a KFC employee calling a couple of guys queers then did some game/bit where they built a bracket of female comedians to see which one was funnier. In a shocking turn of events they started reviewing them on their looks. It wasnt that funny. Normand got uncomfortable bc he has to deal with half the women on the list. Dave smith didnt even got into the bit and luis and jay didnt really say anything funny either.


    one of the all time worst episodes imo. the female comedian bit wasnt funny and i find jokes about female comedians funny usually. mark and dave were right they should have bailed. next episode better be good. im still going through their back catalog and that shit is great this episode was trash


    Wasn’t the greatest episode, but I enjoyed it. Currently going through backlog episodes featuring The Bull.

    Next episodes Cumia, guaranteed gold.

    owen harrison

    check out the podcast with cumia and nick mullen its gold.


    It was funny.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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