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    Chester Drawers

    I unironically love this guy. I love what a freakshow he is, how uncomfortable he makes everyone. He transforms RAP into a very different kind of show. He turns cringe into an art form. It’s like Impractical Jokers if they were just terrible people. He’s a troll like Andy Kaufman, except he doesn’t know he’s not funny. He’s just aggressive and obnoxious, and I love seeing a man so confident bomb so hard every single time. It’s amazing how quickly he was able to enrage Kerryn Feehan. Zac’s so sick of him that he won’t even face him anymore. There are many many reasons to hate Mark Random, but that’s why I love him.


    he’s none of those things. He’s just a loser with a mental disorder. His first appearance worked, since then it’s the same shit every time.

    Laphroaig Jack

    Every comedian is a loser with a mental disorder, whats your point?

    I agree with the OP, hes wacpack-ish, but he makes for very different episodes and theres always the risk that something batshit will happen.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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