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Podcast War – Luis vs Crowder

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    Archibald Cox

    Crowder would fold you up, doggie. nuff said.


    Crowder should fold ben shapiro up and stick him up his ass to create a conservative grifting megazord

    Flip Dicksuck

    Idk crowder is a fag

    Chad Barfvark

    It’s not really Luis’s fight.

    Yay Jokerson

    Crowder would wind win by far on pure numbers. Luis would win on laughs. That said Crowder would never get in a podcast war with comedians, he’s too busy taking on tech and other shit.


    Been listening to crowder for 6 years, Crowder on paper should fold Luis up, but Crowder always whines about injuries and recently destroyed his knee by standing on one foot.

    Luis by Submission, Crowder would tap under the weight of the Puerto Rican Fattlesnake and claim he broke his back, spinal

    Really shouldn’t have a podcast war over that midget Landau, Dave will find out steady consistent work is far better than high paying inconsistent work. Dave won’t last a year at Crowder


    And I won’t be a NYC Fan ready to welcome Dave back with open arms.

    owen harrison

    i wonder if crowder has ever made someone laugh


    crowder sucks ass in every way

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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