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No more Mike Figs plz


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    Luis! For fuck sake, stop inviting mike figs onto RAP plz. He is annoying as fuck and painfully unfunny. I would rather listen to geno bisconti make low hanging hack job jokes over and over


    1. Luis is a contrarian douche, IF he sees this stuff it will only inspire him to put Figs on MORE.
    2. You forget that Luis props his FRIENDS up, not based on merit based on sentiment.

    Negative feedback is STILL ENGAGEMENT. You’re just pumping the algorithm when you post shit here/youtube/reddit.

    To quote Lisa Simpsons, “Just don’t look”.
    Don’t watch the videos, don’t comment, don’t like/unlike. Just don’t look bro.

    Take care.


    also, I kinda miss Geno. Him not around doing his schtick lends to other faggots copying his bits unchecked. I’m tired of seeing people like Figs and Goodwin rip Geno off.


    Yes, agree, and MORE Random please!!!


    figs is funny


    Geno is awesome….wish he was on RAP and LOS more


    Agree with clivity I always love when Compound and GAS share people and you see a different flavor of them on the other network. It’s kinda funny to watch Geno try to hold it all together when he shows up on SDR Show. Having to deal with Ralph and whatever Mega-star they have on he really just can’t go totally unhinged which we know he’s capable of, which is funny in itself. Still waiting for my Cumia + Godfrey dream episode. Maybe a Cumia + Godfrey podcast will unite the world.

    Luis is bipolar

    I could do without Figs, Pruitt, B. Raybould, Goodwin and Random. Tyrrell, Butterly and Rainey are by far the best of the new bunch. Just one man’s opinion – I know each has their own supporters. Remember when Dillon, Normand, Soder, Mullen and list were on all the time? Those were the days, brother!


    Agreed LuisIsBipolar. Give it time, another good wave is bound to emerge.


    Interesting topic. Thank you, guys.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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