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Natalie Cuomo on RAP today

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    Ed Harman

    WOW! She showed her age on todays RAP. Damn, I gotta give Luis props. I’m not even sure if her hotness outweighs her age and a smidge of “entitlement”??? That’s probably not the correct word. If you’ve watched todays RAP and are male then you know what I’m talking about. I would like to hear what everyone thinks of todays RAP.

    Thanks Doggies,
    Luis J. wait, wait wait, How the fuck do I delete that, Uhhjhhh.

    Thanks Guys,


    Dude Natalie sucks. The fact that she even tried to blame Luis for now being addicted to dabs is retarded. I could care less if they stay together or not, but keep her off the podcast.

    Elizabeth Warren

    I don’t mind if unfunny hot girls get put on the podcast to be sexually harassed by luis for 90 minutes. That’s funny.

    But, now they are a couple and she is comfortable around the guys, it really shows how unfunny she is, and the entire angle is killed. Comes across pretty immature. Kongdon fucking kills it though, genuinely funny on LOS.

    Jim Sharky

    I was floored by the interactions between Luis and Natalie on RAP this time around. Kim and Luis may have fought a lot, but it was never like THAT, not on the pod.
    It felt like Natalie was not herself, TBH she was a much better guest in the past. I have to assume that it’s because of the weed thing and dating Luis, she was probably nervous as fuck, maybe didn’t want to “screw up” or upset Luis, (maybe because they were already fighting before the pod, LOL) whereas before she was just excited to join the crew for a pod, kind of played her role better so to speak.
    I saw another thread from a GAS viewer that said he didn’t even know who she was or what she does.
    I can’t remember exactly, but it seemed like he didn’t even really intro her like he does for other guests. I don’t know if he did that with Kim or not, I can’t remember. Must be my weed addiction.

    I get that for hardcore fans, we have watched them together before and heard her mentioned as his “chick” since they started dating but damn, some of that was really rough. I’m glad that Kim still comes on a lot, they still have great chemistry and she’s hilarious (for a chick).

    Also, I hear jokes about Natalie not being funny ALL THE TIME, which, among comics is just ball busting, but if she gets all anxious from her “weed addiction” then maybe some of that went to her head. She’s only been doing comedy like what 4 or 5 years? Nobody is THAT funny when they are only a few years fresh. (Especially chicks AM I RIGHT?)

    I’d say cut her some slack on this one, but maybe this was the beginning of the end. I totally got the vibes that you got about her being “entitled” with all that back and forth about weed and over-reacting, I’m just hoping for the best, perhaps this was a one-off.

    That’s my 2 cents, first time on the boards.




    I was rooting for this thread to be wrong but that was honestly really bad. She wasn’t even trying to throw out punchlines. If you throw together an edit of everything she said, it would be 8 minutes of asking for the vape and commenting that things are either “cute” or “great”.

    That wasn’t a comedian performing on a podcast, it was a podcast with comedians performing while someone’s girlfriend sat in.

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