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    The new Los ep was the best one in a bit

    owen harrison

    yea i just wished it was longer.

    Luke David Walls

    I liked the episode, particularly the end but honestly, Milo might be my least favorite guest. Each time he comes on he monopolizes the conversation and derails the comedy with his long rants and opinions. I just wish he would let the professionally funny people do their thing and contribute rather than take over.


    I actually prefer random over milo…and I hate random


    This is the first episode I’ve ever had to fast forward instead of rewind. Milo is a wet fucking blanket suffocating the funny. Milo was high as shit on Adderall and couldn’t shut the fuck up.Holy shit. The episode was insufferable.


    Milo was hilarious, the haters in this thread are a bunch of fags mad that he’s going to heaven now and they’re going to burn in hell.


    Oh yeah, what was one funny thing milo said this episode ?


    You said it perfect. It’s sad that he’s at a point where in order to get attention he’s got to fake being straight. The whole episode . I got really annoyed when he was talking out his ass when they went over the guy getting stabbed. It wasn’t that I gave a shit about the guy getting stabbed even. Just hearing his annoying banter and attempt to impersonate what he thinks a straight guy sounds like was enough for me to shut off the podcast.

    Gallagher 3

    The allure of having Milo as guest is gone. His shock factor of being offensive in publics view became boring guy trying to hang onto whatever fame he has left.

    Random is still worse, he has separate conversation with himself, makes other guest uncomfortable & Zac takes day off


    yeah milo is a god compared to random. both suck but at least its funny when they rip into milo.

    Gallagher 3

    @assman where have you been? Hiding out after a successful doxing.. forums been boring in absence

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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