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Mike Figgs bombed

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    Johannes Vogel

    Felt bad for him, cause he quickly noticed himself.

    Renato Leal

    He was being too much of a try hard. And also was next to normand who just hits it out of the park everytime he talks.

    Luis is bipolar

    None of this new crop are really ready for it. Dalton’s attempt at being edgy was embarrassing as well. They’re all just too eager to be under Luis’ wing.


    Dalton is feeling it right now. Like Luis said dalton went too deep and can’t find which way is up.


    Luis shouldn’t have bitched at him for an entire episode and then act like a dumb bitch after he fucked up. Dalton was being cringe when he did that but its kind of his thing he likely wasn’t being serious and was just trying to be dumb and funny like Jay said, like obviously why would you go on a show and say that to someone, I’ve listen to Dalton a lot he says dumb shit like that as a joke and was probably hoping to get some response back besides just straight up being buttmad at, might have just felt like he was busting a friends balls but I don’t think he knows Dave that well, he would of done better fucking with Luis not Dave.


    Figs has never been entertaining or funny to me every appearance he makes he fucks up the flow and is constantly interrupting with nothing good


    Whenever he’s been on LOS I think hes in his own head too much about having to perform and get laughs to hang with the guys. Also sitting right next the normand was probably the reason he tried too hard. He waned to impress so much but it backfired, i think. Hes been good on real ass podcast, really like his freestyles.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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