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Luis plans so little he shits on upcoming comics

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    All of RAP ep.730, August 13 2021.

    Luis is bipolar

    Yes, it appears Luis is going full cult leader. It’s no longer OK to question him in any way. That’s why he only has lower level/young comics as guests now – he wants them to be dependent on him. It’s going to end up like Opie from O&A or Bobby from YKWD. Luis has his little kingdom and you need to kiss his ass if you want to be on the show. Veteran comics are getting tired of it.

    Gallagher 3

    Quality & variety of guest has declined. Covid played big role, prob only could get same comics at a take any exposure career point. The F List: Figs/Feehan/Finance is always available on call


    its funny that you related this to O&A cause i see alot of the same shit in both the shows and the fans thats been going on for a little while around GaS and a few other outside shows all of the same “family” of comics that was going on in around O&A in the last few years, the entirety of both revolve around ass kissing pissing contests in every aspect of the show and the outside shit, then the fandoms take on a life of its own in a number of ways (reddit, facebook, forums ect) and some become almost separate entities entirely complete with their own pecking order ect ect, nothing new through, look at cumtown, the fandom becoming some kinda 4chan on wheels is teetering on bein becoming bigger than the show if its not already, i knew about the fan shit for that show before i knew it was a show lol, and i dont think covid hurt the guest list, they’ve been pulling form the same shallow pond for fucking ever, atleast with LOS and SDR there was some interesting variety, but the more luis turns RAP into LOS in the morning its just gonna hurt LOS in the end which is the flagship show for this place, i cam here for SDR and LOS and their both barely watchable half the time anymore, if anything covid restrictions being lifted hurts something like GaS because now every available comic is scrambling for stage time and the precious podcasts everyone and their grandmother started at the start of covid is getting bored of it, wants to get back to the clubs, and it shows


    Luis just completely fucked up because his new GF keeps sucking all the cum out of him and he has retard girl brain due to lack of cum in balls, tragic really.


    that tracks, without the need to flex luis loses his hustle i suppose, i seen shit getting spread too thin for months in every aspect, theres alot of weird “i wonder whats gonna happen” type shit goin on


    And is he back on Adderall? He barely even took a breath during this episode. It was just a constant over the top Luis barrage.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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