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Luis is dating Karen Margolis

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    I disagree @gas_in_my_ass, Luis was lit up having Sherrod this week, I was laughing at how much Luis seemed to enjoy each (and there were a lot) ‘nigga’ Sherrod dropped. Maybe in the past, but Luis is kissing his GFs co-hosts ass now.

    Robert Broome

    Only a matter of time before she’s replaced with a guy…the lie detector doesn’t make mistakes


    Sherrod fucking sucks. The guy just barrels through everything. He was fine in the first half but just got more loud and annoying as the show went on. Also clearly has no respect for Gillis. That’s about as tone deaf as you can get for the network.

    His episodes have always sucked. He was cool/chill once and that was on Derrek and Monroe’s show. Everything else is him yelling. Even in studio when there’s no crowd to talk over.

    Gallagher 3

    Which new pod will Luis be adding in 6 months?

    A) J Stands for Jew — Luis J converts to Judaism for the wedding
    B) Gomez Does Heartbreak — Luis lives then reviews every day since his heart break
    —->Loves has no restraint — spinoff of Gomez does heartbreak when we cant go near her place anymore
    C)Beauties Bring Luis — Baby James & Keren share stori


    We start by talking about Karen and devolve to talking about Sherrod.

    Anyway You think this is a power move to pay back Kurt for big dicking him early in his career.


    I’d rather watch Matteo then watch Sherrod or Jimmy lmfao and that’s saying something.

    Keith Bond☑️

    She looks like the tranny from Euphoria.

Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)
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