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Luis got Natalie Cuomo

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    Just posted an Instagram story that is a picture of him and Natalie and he said, “I DID IT!”

    Fuck yeah, doggy. I’ve also been thinking lately that she isn’t engaged anymore. No more biker bro to be found.

    kamala harris



    Damn doggie REALLY did it!!! BRAP BRAP NIGGGAS!!!!


    If you scroll back a few months you can see the ring disappear off her finger.
    What happened to Keren?


    Probably cheated

    Renato Leal

    Never really got why people think natalie is hot. But to each his own, its going to be a shit couple of months for RAP, though.


    They hyped her nude photo up, and it turned out she had a belly and flapper titties.


    The RAP with her and dalton today made me cringe a bunch times.
    What comics other than Kerryn will Luis cheat on Natalie with?


    Zac didn’t look in her direction at all lmao

    Gallagher 3

    Luis upgraded to a comedian that writes jokes and goes on stage.

    Surprised he’s stayed quiet about the split, personal life is usually main topic on RAP.

    Ed Harman

    Yeah her tits were a huge disappointment. Now Luis is taking her on the road everywhere with him. He bumped Collum Tyrell from the feature act and put Natalie in as feature and made the club booker do it. They talked about it on RAP yesterday the 7th. Collum was pissed at the booker though I’m sure he knew it was actually Luis that did it. Zac has a look of complete disgust and “not another one of these whores” again. Luis is fucking pathetic with these unfunny female comics. Like @K5Fuzion said above, the RAP with Dalton and Natalie was fucking unreal. The way Luis was already saying that he has fell in love with her and already calling her babe and shit like that. Jesus Christ, after seeing her naked pics she dropped down in points. That’s saying alot. It should be the exact opposite.


    Missed the nudes but that babe shit was intolerable on the Dalton episode. I don’t know that Collum knew or not cuz he ranted for a bit on dude making cheese sticks and whatever but yeah. Fuck. This. Shit. whoop whoop.

    Side note :

    On todays bi guys Zac got a little dig in when Ian was talking about some chick he’s been talking to “Just know that I would never do a podcast with some one who falls in love and gets in relationships too fast”
    Ian – “And that person would never let them drive their expensive car” “Ol revolving door”

    Gallagher 3

    Big fan of getting Zac’s opinion of guests. The one’s w/ Random were great before he took a vacation day to avoid that loony bin runaway.

    Let’s hope Natalie opening for gigs isn’t an indication she’ll be a frequent guest.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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