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LOS now soft

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    When was the last time LOS did anything great? They are still just relying on guests like Ari or anyone besides them. I know Dave was always a puss but Luis and Jay have gone way too soft. Am I crazy or does the statement “We say crazy shit”, lost its touch?


    what the fuck are you talking about, the guests were always the crux of just about every episode, without the guests to give distraction or make uncomfortable it’s literally just gay jokes and mostly overt racism which is what friday episodes are for, sadly dave wasnt always a pussy, but i noticed a while back when he was trying to become a fox news house nigger i mean regular he became this political pundit with no off switch and a much more smug and smarmy sense of humor like even for dave then add on a second child and the fact that he’s stuck here at GaS with no real political prospects or career a symptom of saying nigger(among other things) just too many times on recorded video and i think it stings a little, he was actually worse than luis sometimes early on and was way more combative and instigative and never held back or bit his tongue, jay hasn’t changed one bit in all the years ive known him still the same old necrotic jewy fat kid at heart with occasional noticeable burn out (dude broadcasts daily on multiple platforms and is still a full time traveling comic, so i get it) but rarely if never shows it on a monday LOS which is the episode that matters, and luis has a shitload of random responsibility now so i think he tries desperately NOT to be luis ALL the time but thankfully cant help himself, not to mention cutting back on the hardcore narcotics and heavy drinking (which is more what your noticing if anything), if anything the concept of simply sitting around cracking the same “retarded gay racist” jokes is getting stale and they need to step it up with more shit like the election, or BOTBABs, legion of drinks, anything to liven things up once in a while, mondays ep was decent and it was just because it was more than just reading drudge report and being edgelords, thats what RAPs for…


    HUR DUR they dont say nigger enough for me!!!



    Jee idk they probably saving some shit for skank fest right about now durrrr


    ℟𝙴𝒟𝙼☹ƝⱭ🚬 is a fking legend!

    perfectly said


    An actual well written informative post … is this the GAS Digital Forums?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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