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LOS episode 370.

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    i know i’m late to most parties, but can anyone clue me in as to why 370 isn’t available?


    It’s the episode with Danny Tamberelli aka Little Pete from Pete & Pete. I think he might have asked to have it taken it down Im not really sure. The memorable thing about this episode was some douche grabbed LJG’s mic and the shit hit the fan, there’s a clip of this on youtube. Either way the episode as a whole was kinda uneventful aside from that moment, lil pete didn’t know what he was getting into goin on the show. I just remember him being awkwardly lost in the mix.

    Nick Giaculli

    Little pete asked to have it removed because he admitted cheating on his wife w a man while drunk on the show


    I just lost my shit searching for this episode.. Alas the reason I cannot find it cos GAS is CENSORED seriously wtf reupload this episode you utter faggots


    the most i could ever find was a 20min segment from when the kid grabs the mic and luis yelling and shit off camera ive searched but it seems like nobody fanside backed up much of anything LOS, its just a shame when lost footage truly becomes lost, back in the O&A days the message board would get something along the lines of an anonymous heads up, or sometimes from one of the interns ect that something was on the chopping block so it could get backed up and after its removed and time passes people forget it can pop up via fan leaks which legally are out of the shows control, “those damn fans, but what can ya do?” type deals


    little pete talked about being molested and it triggered me so I threated luis with rape to take it down

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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