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Live link unable to be clicked when logged in.

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    Is anyone else experiencing an issue with watching the live shows lately, I dont know what was updated recently but all week ive had issues now.
    well not signed in the live show link is easily clickable at the top of the webpage, just below the page header as always but as soon as I sign in the websites format slightly changes or something and the live link becomes impossible to click… like it becomes covered up by the page header and doesnt matter if I zoom in or out on the page the live link is inaccessible well im logged in and even if I enter the live well logged out, then sign in from the free live stream and refresh the page then im sent back to the home page or given some error that the link doesnt exist.
    Im usually pretty understanding of GAS website and stream issues but this is ridiculous at this point and im sure I cant be the only one experiencing this issue.
    im borderline ready to cancel my sub… but when the site works its great and the shows are always funner with access to the live chat but the last few days ive seriously been questioning what im paying for when the site is constantly broken in various ways.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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