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Let’s create a list of the Luis J. Gomez traitors!

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    I actually feel bad for Luis. I feel he is an AMAZING podcaster who has put a lot of other folks over in the NYC comedy scene.

    But it has happened YET AGAIN!

    Luis has been screwed. Big time.

    First, Tim Dillon

    Then, Are You Garbage

    NOW, Michael Bisping

    All of them have used Luis to gain a reasonable online/podcast following THEN they fu*k him and go out on their own.

    I know its all about money but to me LOYALTY is worth even more. I feel for you Luis… were loyal to these assholes THEN they screw ya.

    The news of Bisping going to once a week and now blowing up his own channel is deja vu AGAIN!!!!!!!!! Its just NOT cool….but Luis is clearly like me and is far too trusting for his own good. He is a good guy that is getting FKD over and over again.

    Cheers…..I will always support Luis as he has delivered incredible content for years. And, unlike other folks mentioned within this message, has NEVER screwed over his colleagues!

    This all kinda makes me sick.

    As I have said MULTIPLE TIMES, please Luis, please please FIX YOUR CONTRACTS to protect yourself from this bullshit!!!!!

    Skank hands

    Luis is bipolar

    Legion of Skanks left Compound because they could do better with Gas, and it worked. Everyone looks out for number 1, especially in show business.


    This thread didnt age well.


    Loyalty being worth more than money is easy to say when it is not your money.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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