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    Michael Hansen

    An hour in and Luis and Dave doing nothing but tediously explaining how comedy works and how canceling people is bad. This shit was old 5 years ago. Please stop.

    Elijah Olig

    At this point I’d rather see them lose their careers than talk about Seth Simons again for an entire episode that I was stupid enough to pay for ‘early unlimited access’ to.

    We get it, cancel culture bad.
    We get it, you’re fighting against it.
    Unlessn you Spicks and Jews ARE white supremacists I’d say you’ve got a pretty good angle for proving defamation and impact on your lives…

    There are multiple instances where he’s intentionally defamed your characters and in-turn put immense pressure on both you guys AND Rebecca, resulting in wide-spread and irreperable damage to ALL of your careers.

    Honestly, PUT UP or SHUT UP. Sue the cunt for slander and defamation of character.
    If not, please shut the fuck up about cancel culture before we all start playing solo Russian Roulette with no prizes and no winners.

    Not everyone in the world lives in the same shithole ‘woke’ nation you do.
    Are we empathetic that half your country is 100% retarded? Sure.
    But we reeeaaally don’t need to hear about every single time a comic or journalist says something about you guys, comedy, or other comedians. We couldn’t care less.

    Sort it out lads.
    And fix this fucking dog awful website, we’re talking upload schedules, on-time shows etc.

    Maybe spend less time reading Seth’s puff pieces and more time on the funny, because by all accounts that dude is living in Luis’ head rent-free doggie…


    Old 5 years ago? Try 7. Opie ruined the last year of Opie and Anthony by doing the “apology clock” bit every day for a year straight. And it took up at least 30 to 45 minutes every show to just rehash the exact same points.

    Like you said, I’d rather even hear them discuss and pat themselves on the back over the “art of comedy” than more cancel/Seth talk. All it does is give him something to jerk off to in Idaho while he remains irrelevant. Even when Anthony Jizzelneck retweeted it, big deal. It’s not like it ran in any major publication. No one follows comedy rags/blogs and no normal adjusted person uses or gives a shit about Twitter.

    Let him fade into obscurity, you dopes.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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