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Jeniece Needs Her Own Cast

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    okay, I know I sound like a homer but I think it would be cool if they looked into ideas for her to have her own cast. Currently she is pretty shy and quiet on the mic but I really appreciate her good vibes. She seems nice and she likes to laugh. Hell, every once in a while she has a zinger. Luis cant quit leave the RAP at the door and thats unfortunate for GWS bc her positivity is super refreshing. Like, she brought end of season party things. That was super nice of here.

    I suppose its not the most popular thought but I dig the positivity and gigglyness she brings.


    She needs her own onlyfans let’s get real.


    cut the bullshit you fucking simp

    Michael Ricardo

    She is pretty funny.
    Anyone noticed when Luis talk about their Mum she always says ‘your Mom’ in response, like she’s subconsciously distancing herself?


    No she doesn’t. It would literally fall apart without Luis.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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