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Is this the downhill spiral?


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    RAP for me, where do I start? Its the place for real mother fuckers like myself to be. Ya know, you never really know what these dudes will say. Amazing hosts Zac Amico and Luis J. Gomez. Gomez is the best because he talks that real shit, and when it comes to comedy he’s the “dopest”. And don’t get me started on Zac, he’s what we in the biz call a sniper. He has me laughing so hard I’ve had to listen either on the toilet, or while wearing a diaper because I can’t hold my bodily functions in. Purely for the love of the game, they’ve added an extra show per week since the shows birth. They have funny guests, and the topics are consistently slamming. My favorite part tho, my real guilty pleasure, is that sultry and tempting producer Shannon. For more of her catch her over there on The Thing Is…(ding!)
    TUESDAYS 5:30PM ET / 2:30PM PT
    She gets me so off track, what was I saying?. Oh ya. Because of all of this, I can’t help but tune in when the International Superstar Zac Amico and that crazy PRrattlesnake come together for the Real Ass Podcast.
    MON/WED/FRI AT 11AM Eastern / 8AM Brenden Schaub


    Yes, Dave and Jay are clearly beyond done with the show. Dave wants to be a full time politician and Jay is more interested in the Bonfire for some insane reason. Show will continue to decline until one of those two eventually leaves.

    owen harrison

    shit that was a real ass response im might have to watch some more RAP any ep recommendations?


    “ik you explained it already but how fuck do you consistently watch RAP” uh Zac Amico

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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