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Is this the downhill spiral?


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    I would almost rather the skanks go on a break for a little while than keep pushing these shitty episodes. I was excited for an extra episode a week but I don’t even listen to the zoom ep anymore.

    Clay Mcdowell

    Your a dumb faggot in the last two weeks they had doug stanhope and Joey diaz.
    My assumption is your just a gay faggot that needs to bitch about something. Your so mad but your the retard paying every month to watch one show a week cause your acuck bitch


    I think the shows have been good lately, I hate zoom compared to live in studio, but it’s better than nothing… how do you expect people that have to fly places to do standup to make a living to give you an in person Friday show ?

    Michael Hansen

    No, it’s not better than nothing when the quality is so bad that you miss half of the words. Honestly both of the last two zoom eps shouldn’t have been released. They are unlistenable.

    Chad Barfvark

    You don’t even watch it, how do you even claim to know what’s going on? Fuck off nubile


    Luis has joked on RAP about Skanks jumping the shark. There’s some truth to it. The vibe lately has been like late era O&A. It’s not a bunch of degenerates trying to push the line and create success anymore, it’s 40 year old dudes who are making good money and talking about going on ski trips. It’s still funny conversation but safe to say they’re not the out of control new outlaw show where anything can happen anymore.


    Couldn’t the boys be in studio while having a guest zoom in? Why do they all stay home. Tons of other shows zoom with guest from their nice studios, it would make for a better “zoom episode” if they tried it too.

    Michael Hansen

    They are lazy and use it as an excuse to do a zoom show, even if the product suffers greatly. I listen to podcasts all day while I’m working and usually never turn them off, but the Stanhope shit was so bad.

    Charlie Hate

    They just need the feedback of a live audience to keep them on point, otherwise they ramble on about unfunny subjects for way too long. As the weather gets nicer and the restrictions end, the show will probably get better.


    They could improve it by recording their mics separately then combine them in post. That’d solve most of the fucking issues outside of the guest mic.

    But Jay’s basically illiterate. Wouldn’t surprise me if he couldn’t get Audacity running.

    Gallagher 3

    Isn’t every podcast just on the slow journey until becoming YKWD ???

    Chad Barfvark

    Suburban Luis can be pretty funny though. Terrorizing his neighborhood. But yeah, things are changing for sure and that won’t do for many fans. Atleast they’re still motivated to cast. The Cum Town boys are so rich now, phoning it in each week (still funnier than most podcasts), and spending that cash on opiates or xanax or something.


    Joey Diaz was a trash ass episode wasn’t that funny and it sucked


    Honestly I listen to every RAP and have skipped half the skanks lately, and before you ask I am a massive faggot retard which is why I like RAP obviously.

    owen harrison

    ik you explained it already but how fuck do you consistently watch RAP

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 19 total)
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