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Ian fucked up the show last night

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    The guy’s straight up dominating the entire conversation with dumb shit. Collum and the skanks should be a home run, but Ian so fucking loud and annoying.

    I legit like Ian on Rap, but last night he fucked the show up.


    Really? Ian is the one you had a problem with? Collum was easily the worst part of this episode for me. His other appearance was great, but god damn, this one was rough.
    50% of his jokes bombed, and the licking, what the hell was that about? That was some Opie shit.
    His appearance was like a little kid trying to hang out with his older brother and his friends. By the end it seemed like the whole table was a little bit annoyed by him, but didn’t feel like they should call him out since he’s a young comic and he’s probably just a little too excited about being on the show. I do like Collum though, it’s not that I just want to shit on him.
    But, he had some real embarrassing moments this time that were hard to ignore.


    collum straight sucks compared to ian. If they’re going to have an irish person on at least have it be that hot chick with the big head.

    Nick Giaculli

    I used to like Ian a lot but not so much anymore. Hes kind of an annoying leftie social justice bitch now. I can do without him. Not funny like he was

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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