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God damn bobby sucks as a guest

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    I never get the schtick of being a bitchy comedian. Especially on as a guest on a podcast. Bobby drags it out forever.. worse than a bert story. Takes over and never lets up.

    After last week’s shit show ending it comes down to bobby thinking he’s still an someone who people need to hang on every word and hear his opinion on every gd thing instead of discussing that or actual funny shit. Dude, dude.. not that fucking great as a comedian. Stfu we need the funny podcasts back.


    If you’re going to shit on anyone shit on Jay and his dumbass Jackyl story. Literally no one cares about his long winded stories, doubly so for stories he’s told on the show at least 30 times.

    That said, fuck you Bobby’s great.


    Bobby is one of the best


    Normally I love Bobby as a guest but yapping about Luis’ Halloween party that Jay also went to sucked and was a waste by leaving Jeremiah awkwardly out of the conversation…seemed more like a RAP episode last night


    Speaking of Jeremiah – dude is a fuckin’ pansy.

    Nick Giaculli

    I agree big Jay stinks. He talks about dicks and repeats other ppls punch lines to steal a laugh. Boo nigga

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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